See The Earth That Most People Never See

See The Earth That Most People Never See

The earth is one incredible place, every location holds a different set of scenery, animals, and vantage points, all of which change with each passing season. Unless you spend your days traveling the world and soaking up everything from remote locations to bright light cities, you likely miss out on just how varied and incredible our plant truly is.

Thanks to time-lapse cinematographer Dustin Farrell, you can take a peek at the world like never before. In the third volume of his Landscapes series, Farrell highlights the wonders of the world that often go unseen, maybe because they are in isolated regions, or simply because everyone is too busy working, and going about their day to day life to fully take notice.farrell5

These photos, as well as the full time-lapse video at the bottom of the post, offer you a chance to stop and smell the roses, among many other things our magnificent earth blesses us with.


This is the last of Farrell’s 3-part series, touching upon everything from isolated regions of the world, to panoramic views of cityscapes.

This final series took over 1 year to make and required Farrell to do a lot of traveling. As you can see from the photos throughout this post, as well as the full video below, Farrell went near and far to find the perfect locations. Not only does his time-lapse cinematography highlight the unique views of specific locations, but it also shows the vast diversity found all over the planet.


From dry, to wet, from rural to populated, Farrell does an incredible job touching upon so many of the diverse scenarios from all around the world.


Since 2009, Farrell has been producing time-lapse footage his fans can’t get enough of. is a new site that has been created in order to house all of Farrell’s work. He is also working with other time-lapse photographers to reach even more amazing footage from around the world.


Farrell specializes in time lapse, film and video production, editing, glidecam and motion control. He operates his own business called Dustin Farrell Visual Concepts and takes on Freelance projects for private clients and large corporations. He works on everything from broadcast media, commercials, documentaries, promotions, and more.


With a growing clan of over 9,000 followers on Twitter, Farrell is well on his way to becoming a household name, well at least in homes where photography and nature rule supreme.



Dustin Farrell plans to continue his photographic journeys around the world, collecting the most beautiful photos with the snap of his lens. Not only is Farrell talented, but he seems super chill as well.

He even reaches out to his fans and friends via Twitter, inviting any interested parties to come and join him on some of his next destinations. On October 16th, he offered all “time-lapse junkies” a chance to come hang out in Moab to shoot 3D time-lapses–talk about opportunity of a life time!



Farrell captures the cityscape above, highlighting the bright lights that us humans create. Below, the natural light show provided by Mother Nature, known as the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis shines a bright shade of green.

Throughout his travels, Farrell is blessed with the opportunity to see some pretty incredible sights, such as the skyline below. The bright green lights represent a reaction from particles outside of our atmosphere entering, and then colliding with earthly particles. This creates a heated combustion and an ensuing light show in the sky, only visible from just the right locations and on the clearest of nights.

See 7 years of meteor showers in one breathtaking time-lapse. 




Watch Dustin’s incredible time-lapse video, Part 3 Landscapes:

Photo/video credits: Dustin Farrell