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30 Pictures Taken At The Right Moment

A few moments later, the young woman pictured above had salt water in her eyes and sand between her teeth, but in this VERY brief moment, all was perfect. Moments like this are so fleeting, the human eye alone can hardly process how stunning an isolated moment like this is. That’s where the eye of the camera really becomes useful. Once in a […]

Photographer Richard Silver’s Stunning Vertical Church Panoramas Inspired By Pope’s Visit

Photo Credit: Richard Silver via, Facebook, Instagram, colossal, pixable Photographer Richard Silver has a very unique way of looking at architecture. In his new series of stunning vertical church panoramas, he’s built composite photos from several images that seamlessly reveal each structure’s interior. Despite only becoming a full-time photographer four years ago, his work has already been […]

Sea Mountains: Photographer Freezes Waves So That They Resemble Mountains

The power of water is often underestimated, that is until a natural disaster such as a hurricane or tsunami strikes and reminds us how much power water truly holds. Artists have always worked to capture the breathtaking raw power of the sea. Talented photographer Ray Collins has figured out a unique way of doing so. The Australia-based photographer freezes waves […]

The Majestic Beauty of Wild Animals Captured By Marina Cano

Photos of wild animals are magical to look at, it’s not everyday you get to see a giraffe or elephant up close! One photographer named Marina Cano brings wild animals into your home with her wondrous photography. Marina uses years of experience paired with patience, respect and a true understanding of wildlife to capture the […]