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Meet Garfi, The World’s Angriest Cat

There’s a new kitty cat surfing the viral Internet scene. His name is Garfi and he’s a fluffy orange Persian cat with a very intimidating stare. Don’t let his facial characteristics scare you off; he’s a pretty sweet feline with a very busy life. When you first meet Garfi the cat you might be a […]

16 Of The Most Famous Cats On The Internet

Do you post dozens of cat photos and videos to your Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube account? If so you are not alone, people all over the world love to upload pictures of their pets. Some of these pets end up going viral, taking the world by “Awww” due to an assortment of unique qualities. Meet 16 of the most […]

Meet Monty: The Adorable Cat With An Unusual Face

Meet Monty, the cutest little cat with the most unique looking face! It’s his facial differences that have sent Monty viral around the web. Monty’s goal is to spread the message that looking different doesn’t mean you can’t be fantastic. Due to an abnormality known as chromosomal, Monty was born without a nasal bridge bone. […]