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23 Unusual Animal Friendships That Are Absolutely Adorable


Best friends don’t have to look anything alike to make a great team, just as these unusual animal friendships prove. You might have a dog and a cat that get along, but most of our readers don’t have a pet elephant for their dog to hang out with. If you did though, you just might […]

21 Of The Coolest Most Creative Rings Ever


Truly unique jewelry isn’t always easy to come by, but thanks to the Internet we now have more access than ever to really awesome rings, necklaces, pendants and beyond. Designers from all over the world are able to upload and sell their creations, opening up a whole new level of creative genius when it comes to sterling […]

19 Cats That Resemble Other Things


Take a good look at your kitty cat. Does he or she look like a regular cat with whiskers, a fur coat, four paws and a nice long tail? Or does your cat resemble someone from history, a statue, or decorative accessory? Some cats simply look like cats, but others are easy to mistake for […]

This Cake Contest Has The Most Amazing Cakes We’ve Ever Seen


You might think your local bakery prepares some stunning designer cakes, but it’s hard to hold a candle to these winning delights from the annual online Threadcake competition. The delicious competition is open to both professional cake bakers and ametuers alike. No matter who you are, or where you seek your inspiration, the goal is to […]

Russian Photographer Captures Fairy-Tale Scenes With REAL Animals


Animals and humans make the best of friends, but it’s not everyday you see a beautiful woman cuddling up to a VERY large bear. In fact, unless you are from somewhere as enchanted as Wonderland you may have never even seen a bear and a human so close before, that is until now. Darya Kondratyeva is […]

DIY Geometric Paper Masks That You Can Print Out At Home


Still unsure what you are going to be for Halloween this year? The clock is ticking, you literally have days to find a costume. Thankfully, Steve Wintercroft has your back, or rather your face, covered for Friday’s spooktacular fun, no matter what you have planned. Wintercroft is a U.K.-based designer hosting a wide display of paper […]

15 Animals Enjoying The Magic Of Autumn


We have talked a great deal about the joys of autumn this month, but it’s not just humans enjoying the changes all around. Animals are often the first to notice the changing of the leaves as well as the cooler weather. Animals are extremely tuned in to their environment, especially considering they live outside. While you can hide […]

Amazing Photographs And Video Of Snake Devouring Crocodile


Snakes and crocodiles rank as some of the scariest reptiles I never want to run into, especially not the giant ones that live in swampy parts of Australia. Although, I’d typically be more afraid of a crocodile than a snake, that is until I saw this jaw-dropping footage of a snake devouring a full size crocodile. […]

The 30 Most Amazing Photos Of Frozen Things You’ll Ever See

The 30 Most Amazing Photos Of Frozen Things You'll Ever See

If you live somewhere that gets really cold you know how far beneath your warmest jacket and scarf the chill factor can creep. When Mother Nature unleashes a cold front, she often freezes everything in her path, creating the most incredible scenes. As the coldest months of the year rapidly approach, here are some of the best […]