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Russian Photographer Elena Karneeva Captures Children And Animals Cuddling In Cute Photoshoots


Animals and children share the same sweet innocence. As a result, the bond young children share with animals is unmatched. Russian photographer Elena Karneeva taps into this blissful innocence with her adorable photo shoots of children and animals cuddling. As always, kids are full of lessons for us adults. The animals in these photo shoots include pigs, […]

Quokka Selfie Is The Cutest Trend In Australia Right Now


Taking a Quokka selfie has to be the cutest trend in Australia right now. Selfies are a vain practice humans have fallen in love with, and if you’re bored of looking at selfies featuring only humans, you’re not alone. Thankfully, the Quokka selfie is bringing new life to the overly popular practice of taking photos of yourself. The […]

20 Of The Most Creative And Clever Bookmarks For Bookworms


There is nothing like getting lost in a great book. But unless you have ample free time it’s nearly impossible to read an entire book in one sitting. Eventually someone comes along to interrupt, maybe the kids get of school, or your shift at work is soon scheduled to start, but for whatever reason you […]

17 Animals Who are Probably Better Photographers Than You


This just in… Animals are evolving! Not only have they started using tools, they’ve also picked up the camera and are now better photographers than us! The future is coming, and animals will rule over us. Here’s some cute pictures of them taking photos before they take over. 1. You’re not doing it right, give […]

23 Chubby Puppies Mistaken For Teddy Bears


Chubby little puppy dogs are so very cute, but sometimes they don’t look like dogs at all! In fact, some chubby puppies are being misidentified as sweet and cuddly teddy bears. Some of the “puppies” on this list might not even be canine at all. Some people believe bears have been sneaking out of the woods and […]

20 Of The Most Amazing Cinemas Around The World


Going to see a live show or movie has been a tradition for as far back as mankind can remember. In 1895, the first movie theater ever opened its doors, it was called The Berlin Wintergarten Theater. Long before film hit mainstream entertainment, people attended live shows with the actors and actresses standing right before their very eyes. […]

Age Of Happiness: These 60-And-Older Seniors Will Destroy Your Age Stereotypes


How old do you think the pole dancing woman is pictured above? You might be surprised to learn she’s 61-years-old, but that’s why you can’t trust stereotypes about age. Age really means nothing; it’s simply a number not a definition of an individual’s capabilities. One person runs marathons at 61, while another person of the same age can’t run down […]

See How This Artist Masterfully Turns Humans Into Animals With Body Paint


Makeup and body paint are used everyday around the world to create unique standout looks that get people noticed. U.S.-based artist Shannon Holt uses body paint in a rather unique way. Holt turns humans into elegant animals using body paint. With a diverse artistic background Holt has painted on wood, paper, metal, and flesh canvases. In fact, she […]

27 Dogs and Cats That Destroyed Christmas


The sights and sounds of the holidays are undeniably tempting for cats and dogs. Sometimes pets just can’t control themselves, not with the big tree full of shiny ornaments and the fancy dinner table set with a plump turkey on top. The funny thing is, just like kids, pets know when they have done something wrong and tend […]

28 Cool Winter Hats That Will Keep You Warm


Knitting and crocheting require time, patience, talent, and a lot of yarn. The results can be classic and cozy, or uniquely incredible, like these winter hats that will keep you warm and help you to truly stand out. If you are going to be in freezing cold weather you want to wear a warm hat, […]