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See What Happened When This Cat Woke Up Missing Some Parts


Poor Milo thought he was just enjoying an extra long nap but when he woke up he instantly knew something wasn’t right. To his kitty-cat surprise Milo realized he was missing some parts… namely his man-bits. His owner, John Reed, captured Milo’s angry reaction right when he woke up after his operation. 6-month-old Milo lives with his […]

Surprising Stowaway Cat Hangs Onto Airplane Wing for Dear Life

cat wing

Photo Credit: YouTube This cat somehow managed to escape with at least one of its nine lives in a rather precarious situation after stowing away on an ultra-light aircraft flight. A video showing the stowaway cat was posted on YouTube, revealing the kitty as it digs its claws into the aircraft’s wing while its pilot […]

Fearless Cat Protects Family By Scaring Off a Huge Black Bear

black bear

Photo Credit: You might remember a scene in Disney’s 1963 film “Incredible Journey” in which a rather fearless cat fights off a bear to protect one of her dog friends, Bodger. That might have seemed rather unbelievable, but a similar, if not as dramatic, incident actually occurred recently at a home in Alaska this past […]

Cat Who Rescued Young Boy Wins Hero Dog Award

cat dog hero

Photo Credit: MARK RALSTON/AFP/GETTY IMAGES A cat that gained viral fame after rescuing a little boy in Bakersfield, California by fighting off a dog that attacked its six-year-old owner as he rode his bicycle in the family’s driveway, has been given a Los Angeles shelter’s Hero Dog Award. It was the first time ever that […]

Cat Owners In Japan Make Their Pets Look Like Totoro


Cat owners in Japan are always doing something cool with their pets, like giving their cats hilarious anime eyes or turning IKEA doll beds into adorable cat beds. Now these creative cat owners are onto something new, making their pets look like Totoro. Totoro is a loveable wood spirit from the Japanese animated film My […]