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10 Stunning Vintage Bicycle Photos You’ll Love

Who doesn’t love bicycles, after all ! Those little bright things that make us relive the fond memories of our childhood. There is something about these rare vintage bicycles leaned against dilapidated walls that are so charming to the eyes and leave a sense of sweet-sour nostalgia in the heart. Here are such, 10 stunning […]

Quokka Selfie Is The Cutest Trend In Australia Right Now

Taking a Quokka selfie has to be the cutest trend in Australia right now. Selfies are a vain practice humans have fallen in love with, and if you’re bored of looking at selfies featuring only humans, you’re not alone. Thankfully, the Quokka selfie is bringing new life to the overly popular practice of taking photos of yourself. The […]

28 Surreal Interior Design Ideas That Will Take Your House To Another Level

Humans are social creatures that require a great deal of private space, and when it’s privacy you crave home is where the heart is. No matter what your home looks like it is your sanctuary. Simply stepping through the front door and clicking the door locked behind you brings a feeling of peace and tranquility. People dump a considerable amount of […]

This Dad Has Tattooed His Son’s Drawings Since He Was 5 On His Own Arm

Keith Anderson, an awesome dad from Ontario, Canada, has been keeping up with the coolest tradition ever between he and his son, Kai. Thanks to his genius idea, Keith will always remember his son’s childhood and in great clarity. Anderson has been transforming his son’s drawings into tattoos that now expand up, down and around his right arm. […]

Russian Artist Forms Steampunk Animals Using Old Car Parts, Watches And Electronics

Russian artist Igor Verniy creates masterfully elegant steampunk animal sculptures using metal from old car parts, watches, electronics, and more. It’s not just the attention to detail that makes these creations come to life, these awesome metal animals also include moving parts. It takes a lot of work to create motion-enhanced metal works of art. […]

See How This Artist Masterfully Turns Humans Into Animals With Body Paint

Makeup and body paint are used everyday around the world to create unique standout looks that get people noticed. U.S.-based artist Shannon Holt uses body paint in a rather unique way. Holt turns humans into elegant animals using body paint. With a diverse artistic background Holt has painted on wood, paper, metal, and flesh canvases. In fact, she […]

Glowing Murals Turn Dark Rooms Into Dreamy Worlds

Bogi Fabian’s inspirational twist on interior art is not just ‘glow-in-the-dark’; it’s more like food for the soul. European artist, Bogi Fabian is an incredibly talented artist capable of turning dark rooms into dazzling, dreamy worlds. In her murals project, Bogi focuses on creating a dream-like atmosphere by painting floors and walls so that they take on a […]