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23 Unusual Animal Friendships That Are Absolutely Adorable


Best friends don’t have to look anything alike to make a great team, just as these unusual animal friendships prove. You might have a dog and a cat that get along, but most of our readers don’t have a pet elephant for their dog to hang out with. If you did though, you just might […]

Meet Honey Bee, The Rescued Blind Cat Who Loves Hiking


Meet Honey Bee, a blind cat from Fiji with a beautiful spirit and a wonderful message of hope. Once upon a time Honey Bee lived at an animal shelter called Animals Fiji, but today she happily lives with her 2 loving humans and 4 other cats all the way in Seattle. After first adopting a blind cat, her owners likely didn’t […]

15 Pets That Are Masters Of Camouflage


Wild animals have plenty of reasons to employ camouflage. When you’re nearly invisible it’s easier to find food and it’s also easier to hide from predators trying to make a meal out of you. Unlike wild animals, household pets have life made. With regular meals, a warm bed to sleep in each night, and little to no chance of […]

Mom With 4 Children Loves To Make Creative Sunny Side Up Eggs


What do you usually have for breakfast, a bowl of cold cereal, or a plain bagel and cream cheese? According to a survey conducted by ABC News, cold cereal is the most popular breakfast item in America, with 31% of people eating it each morning. 2 out of 10 individuals eat eggs, and a little more than 1 out […]

Meet Monty: The Adorable Cat With An Unusual Face


Meet Monty, the cutest little cat with the most unique looking face! It’s his facial differences that have sent Monty viral around the web. Monty’s goal is to spread the message that looking different doesn’t mean you can’t be fantastic. Due to an abnormality known as chromosomal, Monty was born without a nasal bridge bone. […]

Russian Photographer Captures Fairy-Tale Scenes With REAL Animals


Animals and humans make the best of friends, but it’s not everyday you see a beautiful woman cuddling up to a VERY large bear. In fact, unless you are from somewhere as enchanted as Wonderland you may have never even seen a bear and a human so close before, that is until now. Darya Kondratyeva is […]

Old Faithful: Warm And Intimate Photos Of Really Old Dogs


Most close up professional quality dog photos feature young dogs with sleek coats, fresh faces, and not a hint of gray hair. The same can be said for humans, professional portraits are often reserved for the younger years. Yet portraits of the elderly are beautiful, and full of so many stories no young face can […]

15 Animals Enjoying The Magic Of Autumn


We have talked a great deal about the joys of autumn this month, but it’s not just humans enjoying the changes all around. Animals are often the first to notice the changing of the leaves as well as the cooler weather. Animals are extremely tuned in to their environment, especially considering they live outside. While you can hide […]