Before And After Photos Show How Much The Day Of Adoption Can Mean To A Shelter Pet

21. Spokey

Spokey has quite an incredible story! His current owner wrote on reddit that Spokey used to live next door at the neighbor’s house where he was kept outside all of the time, even when it was freezing cold in the dead of winter. He used to go out and sneak Spokey treats, always wishing he could do something more to help the poor guy.

Then, one random summer day Spokey completely disappeared. A few weeks before Christmas Spokey was located at the OSPCA shelter, where his loyal old neighbor immediately made the decision to adopt him. Spokey lives a wonderful, happy life now with his new family, where he never has to worry about being left out in the cold again!


Photo Credit: goldie

22. Mazdak

Mazdak translates to “wise little guy” in Persian. This wise cat was found with a missing leg due to a car accident in the streets of Tehran. Now, he is living the good life, very thankful for the fact cats have 9 lives!


Photo Credit:  Arezoo Dehghani

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