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12 Incredible Wildlife Moments Caught On Camera

Everyone loves to see animals in their natural habitat, roaming freely, at their will. We are intrigued by their movement, the relation they share with their own species, how they love their younger ones and when necessary, how they fight for their survival. We have rounded up 12 such incredible wildlife moments caught on camera […]

20 Most Pristine Lakes That You Must Visit Now

We all dream of visiting an unspoilt lake, where one could stretch legs, read a book, play with children, write a poem or simply while away. That little piece of nature that would take us far from the chaos of city life and make us feel special. With precisely this idea in our minds, we […]

31 Palms Overflowing With Cuteness

Tiny creatures are just so very cute! When a baby (or full grown) animal is capable of fitting in the palm of your hand, the cuteness is just too much to handle! Even animals not necessarily known for being “cute,” like a puffer fish, can suddenly look uber adorable when small enough to cradle in your hands. […]

23 Surprising Sleeping Buddies That Will Melt Your Heart

Thanks to these 23 unusual animal friendships, we already know that animals don’t have to be of the same feather to flock together. Still, some animal friendships are shocking, especially when they are caught sleeping side-by-side, cuddled up close. Sleep is such a vulnerable state, you can’t fall asleep beside someone unless you trust him or her not to […]

Fog Freezes EVERYTHING: Nature Be Doing Some Crazy Sh*! Again

You may think this is just a picture of some fog rolling in, but this fog freezes everything! This fog was seen over the Hungarian mountains the other day and One person was able to capture the phenomenon. But the only thing better than these photos is the hilarious commentary he put on top of […]

Must-See Magical Photos Of Siberian Huskies Playing On Reflective Frozen Lake In Russia’s Arctic Circle

Russian photographer Fox Grom captured these beautiful photos of Siberian Huskies playing on a thawing frozen lake with a stunning reflective surface. The lake is frozen but beginning to thaw out in places, which makes it look like the dogs are literally walking on water instead of ice. The ice has only begun to melt […]

Russian Photographer Elena Karneeva Captures Children And Animals Cuddling In Cute Photoshoots

Animals and children share the same sweet innocence. As a result, the bond young children share with animals is unmatched. Russian photographer Elena Karneeva taps into this blissful innocence with her adorable photo shoots of children and animals cuddling. As always, kids are full of lessons for us adults. The animals in these photo shoots include pigs, […]