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Meet The Dog Allergic To Humans


You’ve heard of people that are allergic to dogs but it’s not everyday you see a dog allergic to humans. In July of last year Lucky Dog Rescue Retreat in Indianapolis, Indiana rescued an adorable black Labrador mix named Adam from a local pound where he faced possible euthanization. The Indianapolis rescue retreat’s president, Robin […]

Hilariously Expressive Dog Portraits By Elke Vogelsang


Dogs are sweet, funny and full of life. Talented photographer Elke Vogelsang captures everything that makes a dog special with her latest hilariously awesome dog portraits. Hildesheim, Germany-based Vogelsang loves to include her three dogs in on the fun, taking snaps of Loli, Scout and Noodles, better known as her fabulous models or her “photography […]

Silicon Valley Animal Shelter Offers Free Kitten Rentals

cute kitten

Photo Credit: Who could possibly resist this face? Now, you may not have to as a Silicon Valley, California animal shelter has come up with a great idea: kitten rentals. Spring and summer at the Human Society Silicon Valley is also referred to as “kitten season,” which means that shelter resources are stretched to […]

Heroic Dog Saves Owner With Asperger’s Syndrome From Having Violent Meltdown


Dog saves owner and helps spread important message, all thanks to one woman from Tempe, Arizona who shared a personal moment with the world in order to spread awareness about Asperger’s Syndrome. She posted a full-length video via YouTube of her dog saving her from self-harm during a violent breakdown. The brave woman is 24-year-old Danielle Jacobs, first […]