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Hard to Believe It’s Real, Rare and Mesmerizing Weather Phenomena


Photo Credit: Think you’ve seen everything nature has to offer? Odds are, as these absolutely mesmerizing weather phenomena events require very specific conditions to occur, you probably haven’t seen them all. Events that are so rare and captivating that they may seem unbelievable at first, but they really do happen, like a fallstreak hole, […]

Amazing Cross-Stitch Tattoos By Turkish Artist Eva Krbdk


What do you think of when you hear the term ‘cross-stitching’? You might imagine grannies on the sofa with knitting needles in hand, or a fun kit at a craft store for kids. But after seeing these awesome cross-stitch tattoos you are sure to think of the classic past time in a completely different light. […]

Homeless Piano Man Wows the World With Moving Performance

florida homeless man piano

Photo Credit: A homeless man in Sarasota, Florida wowed the world with his incredibly piano playing recently – so much so that he may have earned a job. A video taken by one passerby has gone wildly viral after shocking people with his amazing musical talents. Aurore Henry, took notice of the bearded man […]

Stunning Handcrafted Animal Masks Made From Hammered Steel


When you think of animal masks you likely think of little cat eyes or bird feathers, but these masks defy all of your preconceived notions. In fact, if you saw someone wearing one of these masks at a party they would certainly steal the show. Not that I would consider these ‘party masks,’ but instead […]

7 Reasons You Should Plan a Trip to Roatan, Honduras

roatan snorkeling

Photo Credit: ShoreFox Photo Credit: More and more people are discovering Roatan, Honduras, the largest of Honduras’ Bay Islands. If you visit soon, you’ll still be able to enjoy its pristine white beaches, and so much more, without the crowds. If you aren’t sure why you should put this island on your must-travel list, […]

22 Animal Bellies That Need A Good Rubbing Right NOW!


Animals love to have their bellies rubbed, but when many animals offer you their belly for scratching it’s not just because it feels nice. Animals offer their belly to you as a sign of submission and trust. If an animal rolls over to show off their furry little belly they are telling you they trust […]