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This Crosswalk In Germany Allows You To Play Pong With A Stranger On The Other Side

Waiting at a crosswalk for the light to change can get rather boring. These days, people typically just bury their heads in their cell phone and lose track of everyone and everything around them. But not anymore thanks to two creative design students from Germany who have come up with the perfect solution to beat crosswalk boredom. The […]

Past Motions Of Canoers And Kayakers Exposed With LEDs In Long Exposure Photography

Stephen Orlando is an Ontario-based photographer with an awesome gift for taking unique photos. One of his latest projects includes using LEDs in long exposure photography to highlight the light trails left behind by canoers and kayakers. No matter what you do in life you leave behind a trail full of energy, lights, and even your scent. Orlando’s light paintings […]

22 Soldiers On Their Days Off

No matter where you are stationed being a soldier is no easy job. For one you have to leave your family and loved ones behind for an unknown destination that may or may not be safe. If you are stationed somewhere like Afghanistan there is the horribly high heat to deal with, and not a […]

A Giant Sculpture Crawls Out Of The Ground In Public Square Of Budapest

If you travel to the Szechenyi Square in Budapest, Hungary you will find a giant statue crawling right out of the ground. The incredible sculpture was created by artist Ervin Loranth Herve and is fittingly called “Feltepve,” which translates to “Ripped Up” or “Popped Up.” The Art Market Budapest 2014 international contemporary art fair, held earlier […]

I Was Holding My Breath During His Death-Defying Ride On Two Wheels

Danny MacAskill is a Scottish biker known for his amazing and rather brave bike riding skills. Recently, Danny traveled to his hometown of Skye, Scotland in order to ride along the death-defying Cuillin Ridgeline. The Cuillin Ridgeline is known as one of Scotland’s most beautifully dangerous landscapes. The entire trail ride is caught on camera in a […]

The Ultimate List Of Children’s Halloween Costume Ideas

There is nothing more fun than picking out your halloween costume each year, especially when you are a little kid. The options are endless, do you want to be something nice or someone naughty? Do you want to wear a mask, a wig, or both? Before you are old enough to pick out your own […]

14 Brilliant Bathroom Design Ideas

You spend more time in your bathroom than you likely realize. Is your bathroom all that you want it to be and more? Is it a pretty and functional space that you enjoy looking at, or do you dream of the day you can gut out the bathroom and make it completely new? If you are […]