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Inseparable Baby and Bulldog Born on Same Day Think They’re Brothers

baby dog 1

Photo Credit:, Dog’s are often called “man’s best friend,” but it seems they can be a baby’s best friend too, with this inseparable baby and bulldog possibly the best example of all. When Chicago mom and professional photographer Ivette Ivens saw a French bulldog puppy who had the same birth date and city (Chicago) […]

Volunteer Kitten Snuggler AKA Best Job Ever

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Photo Credit: Best Friends Animal Society Los Angeles Kitten Nursery It may not pay in cold, hard cash, but being a volunteer baby kitten snuggler still has to be one of the best jobs ever. Getting paid with cuddles and love and helping to save the lives of shelter cats is a pretty big reward […]

This Kitten Was Expected To Die Until She Met A Husky Named Lilo


Rosie the kitten didn’t have much chance for survival when she was first found on the brink of death. The tiny little kitty was only 3-year-weeks old, motherless and extremely weak. A Husky named Lilo changed all of that after her owners rescued the little kitten. Lilothehusky writes on Instagram, “She almost did not make […]

Seattle’s City Hall Became Kitty Hall After Being Flooded With Kittens

kittens city hall seattle

Photo Credit: City of Seattle In an annual event to raise awareness for pet adoption, by official proclamation of the mayor, Seattle’s City Hall became Kitty Hall for one magical afternoon in downtown Seattle earlier this month. People lined up for a chance to meet 11 kittens at Seattle City Hall during the event sponsored […]