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7 Electrifying Times Lightning Struck The Earth

Grand Canyone Lightning

Lightning is one of mother nature’s most awe-inspiring and destructive forces. It comes in a flash bolting down to earth, leaving booming thunder and scorched marks in the ground where it struck. Here are 7 Electrifying times lighting struck the earth. Some of these you may find… SHOCKING! 1. Volcanic lightning in Japan Photo Credit: […]

28 Majestic Owls Caught On Camera


Owls are gorgeous, amazing creatures that are smart, loving, and full of mystery, and yet unfortunately we get to see so little of them. Owls are masters of camouflage and usually only come out at night. This makes catching owls on camera a bit of a challenge. Since the earliest of times owls have signified […]

7 Of The Most Breathtakingly Beautiful Fox Species In The World


What type of fox do you love best? Here we identify 7 of the most beautiful fox species found around the world. Foxes live in vast habitats, in fact they can be found everywhere except Antarctica, because they are highly adaptive to different environments. The fox is considered one of the smallest members of the Canidae family, which also […]

20 Animals With Majestic Hair


The fur that animals are born with makes them fun to pet, ensuring they get plenty of back rubs all day long! Animals are known for their super soft furry coats, hence why they are so fun to cuddle. But some animals truly take the cake for having an incredible hairdo. In some cases animals […]

This Guy Makes The Scariest Pumpkin Carvings Ever


Every Halloween I set my goals high for pumpkin carving. I buy the right carving tools, carefully scoop out and clean the insides of my pumpkin. I’ve learned from experience not to free-hand, so instead I follow one of those patterns from a cheesy halloween pumpkin carving book. And every year the same results occur… my […]

25 Terrifying Cute Halloween Costumes For Pets

pet halloween costume

What do you plan to dress your pet up as this year for Halloween? Pets like to join in on the spooktacular fun just as much as everyone else! While cats and dogs are routinely dressed up as sweet little angels and furry princesses, some pet owners are dressing up their four-legged friends in some rather haunting […]

15 Stunning Examples Of Owl Camouflage


Owls are fascinating and beautiful birds we rarely get to see up close and personal. Owls come out at night in order to avoid competition over prey with other large birds. This alone says a great deal about the owls’ personality. Owls like to creep in the shadows, remaining hidden and discrete at all times in […]

The Ultimate List Of Children’s Halloween Costume Ideas


There is nothing more fun than picking out your halloween costume each year, especially when you are a little kid. The options are endless, do you want to be something nice or someone naughty? Do you want to wear a mask, a wig, or both? Before you are old enough to pick out your own […]

People At This Festival Slept On Hammocks Hanging Hundreds of Feet Above The Italian Alps


These self-proclaimed “slackers” have some serious guts, and a fetish for partying way up in the clouds. The International Highline Meeting Festival looks like one heck of an awesome festival, boasting views the biggest party mansions in the world can’t compete with. Tight ropes stretching across the Italian Alps in gorgeous Monte Piana hold the festival attendees up. […]