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This 104-Year-Old Street Artist Keeps Yarn-Bombing Her Town


Your granny might knit with yarn, but this awesome granny bombs with it! Grace Brett just might be the oldest street artist in the world. At 104-years-old, the adorable great-grandmother has a passion for yarn-bombing her town. She works alongside Souter Stormers as a part of a secretive group of ‘yarnstormers’ that yarn-bombed 46 landmarks […]

Super Adorable ‘Tofu’ the Red Panda Makes Public Debut

baby red panda

Photo Credit: Patti Woods Truesdell/Detroit Zoo Visitors to the Detroit Zoo got quite a nice treat recently when Tofu, a baby red panda made her public debut. The adorable creature was born in June and stepped out with her mom, Ta-Shi. The pair were seen exploring together in a wooded part of their enclosure. The […]

Bride Decides To Be Her Own Wedding Photographer And The Results Are Far Better Than Anyone Expected

weddingphotographer copy

Planning a wedding involves so many different factors, from the venue to the flowers to the dress, and you can’t forget the photographer and videographer to document the day. It can all get a bit overwhelming and to some brides start to feel inauthentic. Tallinn-based photographer Liisa Luts and her husband run a small photography and […]

9 Best Snorkeling Spots You Need To Explore At Least Once


There is nothing quite like snorkeling, the colorful sights, curious creatures and breathtaking coral reefs offer a unique twist on the landscapes we typically view. It’s not difficult to snorkel and both kids and adults can quickly learn how to do so. Every vacation is that much better when paired with a snorkeling adventure. Regardless […]

Widowed Dad Honors Late Wife by Recreating Photos with Their 3-Year-Old Daughter


Photo Credits: A bereaved husband found a unique way to pay tribute to his late wife by recreating photos they had taken together with their toddler daughter in her place. Rafael del Col, 35, from Maringa, Brazil, lost his wife Tatiane Valques, 27, in 2013 when she was killed in a road accident. He […]

21 Inspirational Women That Changed The World We Call Home


Just a few days ago, on August 26th, we celebrated Women’s Equality Day. The date is significant because it marks the day the 19th Amendment was added to the United States Constitution, granting women the right to vote. The amendment was passed by congress in 1919, and ratified in 1920, but it took many years […]

Marriage Is Compromise: Couple Has Awesome Two-Face Wedding Cake


Marriage is full of compromises, but that doesn’t mean anyone has to go to bed wearing a frown. This couple proves compromise is about making everyone happy, just take a look at their amazing two-face wedding cake. The bride, Kia Parsons, wanted a traditional cake and her comic fan groom, Billy Bunning, wanted something to delight his […]

Mom Documents Kids Spending Idyllic Summer Without Computers


As kids everywhere head back to school for the year they leave a summer filled with fun memories behind them. What did your kids spend their summer doing? In the ‘good old days’ kids spent their summers running around outside, exploring new territory, playing pretend and befriending all kinds of animals. But in today’s technology-ruled […]