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Biologists Battling it Out in Twitter CuteOff to Crown World’s Most Adorable Animal

cute animals final

Photo Credit: SC Aquarium/Twitter,, Shark University/Twitter It doesn’t get much better than pictures of super adorable animals. This week, scientists and a variety of experts at aquariums and zoos decided to show just how passionate they are about their creatures by holding a Twitter CuteOff competition. In the social media battle, animal lovers are […]

21 Crossbreed Dogs That Will Make You Want Your Own Mutt

crossbreed dogs

Crossbreed dogs are often referred to as ‘mutts,’ but as it turns out some of these mutts are even more adorable than purebred dogs. Interestingly, some of the most unusual crossbreed dogs of all are going for the prettiest penny these days thanks to the ‘designer dog’ craze. For instance, a goldendoodle, a mix between […]

3 Piece Rings Become Animals When Pieced Together


If you love animals you are going to want one of these 3 piece ring sets that transform into animals when pieced together. You can look down at your fingers and see a crane, squirrel, raccoon, owl, deer or snow fox…  just to name a few of your options. You can wear the rings alone for […]

First Wolf Pack in Nearly a Century Spotted in California

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Photo Credit: Getty Images via Q13 Fox A gray wolf pack has established itself in Northern California, state wildlife officials confirmed last week – the first family of wolves known in the state in nearly 100 years. The state’s very last known wolf, until now, was killed in 1924. The group, which consists of two […]

20 Animals Trying To Become Professional Photographers

animal photographers

When you work as a professional wildlife photographer you come across all different kinds of awesome scenarios, which often include the unexpected, such as animals that want to take your job from you. Humans are the masters of tools, we use tools for everything… eating, cooking, building a house, and even taking photos. Many different […]

Jack Sparrow AKA Johnny Depp Adopts an Orphaned Bat

jd and bat 2

Photo Credit: Donning his full-on Jack Sparrow costume, Johnny Depp adopts an orphaned bat and is melting hearts around the world after being captured on film bottle feeding the adorable creature named “Jackie Sparrow.” The Australian Bat Clinic & Wildlife Trauma Center posted a sweet video of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star getting […]

This Kitten Was Expected To Die Until She Met A Husky Named Lilo


Rosie the kitten didn’t have much chance for survival when she was first found on the brink of death. The tiny little kitty was only 3-year-weeks old, motherless and extremely weak. A Husky named Lilo changed all of that after her owners rescued the little kitten. Lilothehusky writes on Instagram, “She almost did not make […]

Images That Prove Australia is the Most Insane Place on the Planet


Photo Credit: It’s probably no surprise that Australia is the most insane place on earth. After all, the country was founded by prisoners on a continent isolated from the rest of the world for about 40 million years. No offense to Aussies as most happen to be extremely cool, if slightly offbeat. If you […]