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Photographer Explores Odd Beauty Of Hairless Sphynx Cats


The hairless Sphynx cat has intrigued mankind for many years. The Sphynx is nearly bald, with a very thin coat of hair. To see all of their skin, as it folds and wrinkles atop tight muscles is so splendid, giving this breed of cat a truly unique beauty. Looking at a Sphynx is like seeing what […]

30 Camouflaged Cats Winning At Hide-And-Seek


We have already established that dogs suck at hide-and-go-seek, but cats, on the other hand, can hide like professional chameleons. Sometimes it’s a cat’s unique coloring that helps them hide in plain sight. Cats are resilient, after all they have 9 lives, and so when a cat’s coloring doesn’t work to hide their true colors, they have […]

29 Cute Cats Who Use Dogs As Pillows


Dogs and cats are supposed to be age-old rivals, but when raised together these two breeds often become best friends. When cats and dogs do comingle it’s clear who the boss is: the cat, of course! The cats on this list know they are all that and a sack of catnip, which is exactly why they demand the […]

Men Love Cats Too: Photographer Challenges ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ Stereotype


We have all heard about the crazy cat lady, the feline obsessed female who has far too many cats… or simply loves her cats so much it’s borderline ‘crazy.’ But why are women the only ones getting called ‘crazy’ for loving irresistibly cute cats? What about cat crazy men, certainly plenty of men out there own and […]

19 Spoiled Cats That Likely Live Better Than You

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Cats want food, water, catnip, a small dark place they can hide, and plenty of love. Any cat that has all of those things considers himself lucky. Cats don’t appreciate silk sheets and gold dishes the same way humans do, regardless some cats get all of the overpriced luxury goods, and more. These cats don’t even know how good […]

Photographer Captures Personal Portraits Of Dogs, Cats And Horses


Personal portraits are beautiful. That’s because great portraits capture something more than physical appearances; they reach deeper to highlight personality, heart and soul. Portraits are often associated with humans, but animals make great models too. Just like humans, each animal has their own unique personality that makes them who they are. It’s this personality that shines through […]

25 Crazy Cats That LOVE Water


You can’t stereotype people or animals. Case and point… everyone assumes that ALL cats hate water just because a great many of them are not fans of H2O. In the past many attempted cat baths have gone badly for me. I end up with scratches and my partially wet cat runs off to hide in a corner somewhere. […]