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Artist Uses Millions Of Dots To Create Complex Pen Drawings


There are countless ways to create art, and results vary tremendously depending on technique. Kyle Leonard (also known as K.A.L) is an artist from California with a unique method of drawing breathtaking pen drawings. Leonard uses millions of dots to form the drawings he completes. Leonard’s complex process, or as he calls it his “method […]

Super Cool New York Art Installation Lets Adults Indulge Their Inner Child

balls final

Photo Credits: @pearada Colorfly Pearlfisher  Pei Ketron Ball pits aren’t just for kids. In fact, an increasing number have been popping up, allowing adults to indulge their inner child by letting lose and just having fun. This is the latest, an interactive New York art installation put together by creative agency Pearlfisher. The massive ball pit is […]

Artist Hand Cuts Paper Animals And Uses The Sky To Give Them Life

hand cut paper animals

Paper can be used to create anything and everything depending on how creative you are willing to get. Artist Jo Chorny, also known as peaceofpaper1 on Instagram, hand cuts paper animals using a scalpel. Chorny’s work is extraordinarily detailed and precise, making you forget you are looking at paper at all! Once finished with a […]

Artist Creates Stunningly Realistic Visual Record of Landscapes Impacted by Climate Change


Photo Credit: Zaria Forman Zaris Forman creates large scale pastel drawings as a stunningly realistic visual record of the earth’s shifting landscape, and the effects of climate change. For years, the artist has been traveling to some of the world’s most environmentally endangered areas, drawing inspiration from her travels to create these spectacular works of […]

Jelani The Gorilla Really Loves Looking At Smartphone Pics


Gorillas are incredibly smart, curious and have two working eyes and so it only makes sense that they would enjoy looking at pictures of other gorillas. In other words, Jelani is not the first gorilla to enjoy smartphone pictures as much as humans, but he is one of the first documented and shared. Meet Jelani, […]

Fantastic 4K Timelapse of Iceland Showcases Nature’s Spectacular Artistry

iceland evosia

Photo Credit: Henry Jun Wah Lee/Evosia Studios You’ve probably already at least gotten a glimpse of Iceland’s incredible beauty in photos, if you haven’t been fortunate enough to visit in person, but photographer Henry Jun Wah Lee reveals in images its especially impressive sunset hues and magnificent landscapes through his fantastic 4K timelapse of Iceland […]

What This Tattoo Artist Does for Domestic Violence Survivors is Absolutely Amazing

tattoo artist scars

Photo Credit: Flavia Carvalho – Daedra Art & Tattoo/Facebook Domestic violence not only leaves haunting memories, but also permanent marks. While surgery may help in recovery, scars can be inevitable and often never fully go away. That’s what Brazilian tattoo artist Flavia Carvalho hopes to help with, in her work with domestic violence survivors. Carvalho’s […]