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See What Happened When This Woman Flew 6,000 Miles To Bring Home The Stray Dog That Saved Her From Attackers

Traveling to Crete, Greece sounds like a dream come true but for one college student a trip to paradise nearly ended in tragedy. Plymouth University student 25-year-old Georgia Bradley was enjoying a walk along a beautiful sandy beach in Crete while her boyfriend was at a nearby café when two Greek men approached her and […]

Couple Tired Of Being Asked About Babies Rebels With Newborn Puppy Photoshoot

If you are married and in your twenties or thirties you likely feel the pressure to have babies from parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and sometimes even complete strangers. It seems like an endless daunting question: when are you going to start having babies? People are doing everything later these days, from getting married to having […]

Unusual Looking Pup Proves Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder, Finds Perfect Forever Home

Photo Credit: Jackie MacMillan HSSV via The Dodo Animals that are disfigured generally have a much harder time getting adopted. After all, even those super cute faces can find it challenging to find their forever home. Fortunately for an unusual looking pup known as Lisa, the ten-week-old managed to buck the odds by getting especially […]

Real Life ‘Vampire’ Cat Looks Truly Evil, But Is She?

Photo Credit: Instagram loki_kitteh Meet Loki, an adopted feline who truly looks like a real life Vampire cat, but of course, she’s really just a fluffy lynx point Siamese that her new human companion Kaet absolutely fell in love with at the shelter. This rather evil looking feline has been making the rounds across the […]

Perfect Imperfection: Photographer Documents The Rare Beauty Of Animals With Disabilities

Dogs, cats, birds and humans, no matter your species chances are you are not perfect. It’s what makes you imperfect that makes you special. One talented Australian animal photographer is proving just that with his latest photo series called Perfect Imperfection. Alex Cearns of Houndstooth Studio is focusing his camera lens on animals with disabilities […]

Brilliant “Book Buddies” Program Has Children Reading To Shelter Cats

The Animal Rescue League of Berks County, Pennsylvania has created the most genius program for cats and kids ever. The program called Book Buddies promotes childhood literacy and also helps improve the lives of shelter cats. Book Buddies gives kids the opportunity to donate their time reading books to shelter cats in the cat room. When children […]