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A Look At 25 Of The Most Amazing Award-Winning Wedding Photos From 2014


Four times a year the International Society Of Professional Wedding Photographers holds a contest open to its member photographers. The competition is broken down into 20 separate categories for entries to submit, including best of lighting, composition, dynamic movement, and raw emotion. The results from each seasonal competition are made of pure wedded bliss! Go ahead, get […]

This Cake Contest Has The Most Amazing Cakes We’ve Ever Seen


You might think your local bakery prepares some stunning designer cakes, but it’s hard to hold a candle to these winning delights from the annual online Threadcake competition. The delicious competition is open to both professional cake bakers and ametuers alike. No matter who you are, or where you seek your inspiration, the goal is to […]

9-Year-Old Spanish Boy Becomes Young Wildlife Photographer Of The Year


Kids are all too often doubted and short-changed; when in reality they are capable of such extraordinary things. Take the 9-year-old photographer pictured above, his Nikon camera posed to take the perfect photo of a pretty squirrel. At such a young age you might assume this kid doesn’t really know how to take good photos, […]

Thought-Provoking Photographs Of People Living Alone In The Wilderness


Have you ever considered skipping town? Going to find yourself a nice secluded section of forest to build your newly isolated home? Here, no one could bother you, and no job would await. You could sleep in as late as you pleased and never ever hear someone knocking on your door. That is unless Danila […]

These 22 Photos Will Make You Fall In Love With Foxes


If you’ve ever laid eyes on a fox, I’m sure you’ve already fallen in love with the furry little creatures. Their big ears, round eyes, and long bushy tails have made them some of the cutest animals around, and, they’ve definitely gotten round. Foxes are currently found on every continent except Antarctica. While they look […]

Most Spectacular Views of Earth From Above

aerial view tulips

Photo Credit: These breathtaking photos show a slightly different perspective of our planet’s landscapes, with spectacular views of earth from above, providing a glimpse as to what a bird might see while soaring over the land below. Pictured above, tulips are lovely to look at up close, but their real beauty emerges when you […]

The Most Epic Beards From The 2015 World Beard And Moustache Championships


Last year around this same time we shared 10 of the most amazing entries from the World Beard and Moustache Championships 2014. While those remain some seriously impressive beards, the recent 2015 competition took things to the next level. The World Beard and Moustache Championships is held annually, or every other year and never in the […]

Creepy Realistic Cake Art By Annabel De Vetten


If eating human flesh sounds more delicious than a chocolate sundae you’re going to love desserts by Annabel De Vetten. This talented artist bakes up creepy realistic cake made of sugar and spice and everything nice, but fashioned to look like human flesh, brains, skinned pig heads, fused skulls, caskets and other unappetizing things in […]

Meet Atchoum: The Cat Whose Soul-Piercing Stare Will Devour You Whole


If looks could kill Atchoum, the 9-month-old kitty with soul-piercing eyes, would already have a gaggle of victims! One look into this cat’s fierce gaze is enough to make you feel as though you are looking death straight in the eyes. Nathalie, Atchoum’s proud owner, doesn’t let her cat’s crazy eyes get to her; she knows he’s really just […]