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Endre Penovác’s Ink And Watercolor Cats Slowly Bleed Into Paper Masterpieces


Cats are rather mystical creatures, capable of moving from one place to another with the slyness of an invisible ghost. Serbian-born artist Endre Penovác’s artwork skillfully displays the true identity of cats everywhere, beautiful, confident and capable of blending in anywhere to sneak up on you. Penovác uses a special process that gives his ink […]

Incredibly Adorable Sand Cats Stay Kitten-Cute Throughout Their Lives

sand kitties

Photo Credit: Sand cats are a very unique, and endangered species, who seem to have found a real-life Neverland. The adorable felines retain a kitten-like appearance throughout their lives, looking as if they never grow up. The smallest of all wild cats, they’re the size of domestic cats and are found in the deserts […]

10 Pawsome Benefits Of Having Cats


Cats are cool and they know it, hence the whole ‘cattitude’. Regardless, cats have every reason to be self-obsessed because they make our lives so much better. Cats are actually a lot less work than dogs, you don’t have to have a big yard or go home in the middle of your workday to let […]

21 Of The Oldest Cats Adopted By The Kindest People


Adopting any animal is a rewarding and fulfilling experience that will bring so much joy to you and your new animal. Unfortunately for old cats, many people come to shelters looking to adopt a young cat or kitten. That means that the oldest cats are the first to be euthanized at kill shelters. If only […]

The Internet’s Happiest Cats Just Can’t Stop Smiling

smiling cats

Photo Credit:, Flickr: Love Meow You saw what seemed to be the world’s saddest cat the other day, so how about the opposite? We could all use a little more joy in our lives, and these happy cats who always seem to be smiling are sure to put a grin on your face. Pictured above, […]

Cats Wearing Kimonos Is A Thing In Japan


Is it just me or are Japanese pet-owners always up to something new and cool? The latest and greatest cat-themed trend in Japan just might be the most adorably pawsome yet. In Japan, cats wearing kimonos is the new ‘it-thing’ and all the cool cats are doing it. In Japan, both kimonos and cats are […]