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Amazing Shape-Shifting Origami Pots Grow Alongside Your Plants

The Japanese art of origami has inspired many seemingly unrelated facets of life, and this list now includes planters. The innovative pot design known as Growth is made to grow alongside your plants, literally expanding to allow room for larger roots, as well as more soil and water. If you have potted plants you know […]

Danish Artist Creates Impressive Giant Sculptures From Scrap Wood

Some people struggle to make a table and chairs out of scrap wood, let alone a highly detailed giant animal or human. Artist and designer Thomas Dambo has perfected the skill of transforming tossed out wood into life-like sculptures you can’t stop gawking at. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Dambo spends his days finding scrap wood, […]

Awesome Bicycle-Mounted Device Shows Different Signals On Cyclists’ Back

Using one of these life-saving bicycle-mounted devices that shows signals on cyclists’ back could literally save your life. The invention, formally known as the ‘Cyclee,’ comes from Azerbaijani designer Elnur Babayev. The Cyclee device works by projecting different images of street signals on cyclists’ back according to his or her current actions. All of the […]

Most Beautiful Must-See Destinations in Ireland

Photo Credit: Bryan Hanna Ireland is home to some of the world’s most idyllic scenes, including these beautiful must-see destinations like the one pictured above at Coumeenole Beach on the tip of the Dingle Peninsula at Slea Head. The entire peninsula is filled with picture-postcard scenery, including azure-hued waters that surround lush, emerald green hills and golden […]

1970s Men Fashion Ads You Will Never Be Able To Unsee

Men’s fashion ads from the 1970s are anything but normal. Around this time the price of synthetics dropped, allowing men of all different classes to start playing around more with fashion. The seventies were also packed with reckless partying and peace loving hippies. As a result of culture, politics and society this era’s fashion got funky… real […]

17 Unusual Bird Nests Built In The Oddest Of Places

Birds are capable of adapting to so many different environments; no matter what they have to work with they make it happen. Not all birds nest, but all birds need a safe secure place to lay and hatch their eggs. Scientists have found that birds can improve their nest making skills with time, meaning the […]