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New Playful Underwater Puppy Photo Shot By Seth Casteel


Dogs that love to play in the pool truly love nothing more! They will dive in over and over, enjoying the splash of the water, and the thrill of chasing their ball through the self-made waves. Seth Casteel is a popular photographer, best known for his underwater photo series that shows off dogs in action underwater. […]

Incredibly Realistic Baby Animal Toys By Lee Cross


Is that a real baby panda or a stuffed animal? Wood Splitter Lee, also known by her real name as Lee Cross, knows how to make some of the most realistic baby animals you have ever seen. She creates her masterpieces in Alaska, but her artwork is coveted by people from all over the world. You […]

16 Before-and-After Photos Of Rescued Dogs


There is nothing more gratifying than rescuing a dog. Breeders and pet stores have plenty of happy and healthy puppies ready to go home with you, but there are so many other dogs out there that need a home too. Dogs are the most loyal creatures on the planet, but they are often let down […]

26 Animals Famous For Their Unusual Fur Markings


Animals come in all different shapes, sizes, breeds, and temperaments. They also come with many different kinds of markings. Rarely, an animal is born with markings so unique they appear too good to be true. For instance, the penguin pictured above was amazingly born with a perfect white heart front and center on his chest. Wild or in […]

This Vending Machine Takes Bottles And Gives Food To Stray Dogs In Exchange


In Istanbul it is estimated that over 150,000 stray dogs roam the streets. While many look happy and easy-go-lucky, life as a stray dog is far from easy. One company called Pugedon is making a huge change for the stray dogs in Istanbul with their latest idea. Pugedo Smart Recycling Boxes are the perfect solution, they help […]

India’s Holy Men In Powerful Portraits By Photographer Joey L


It can be difficult to imagine living a life devoted to asceticism, a lifestyle characterized by its lack of indulgences and worldly pleasures, often adopted to pursue spiritual goals. Many are accustomed to living a relatively cushy life, with flat screen TVs, smart phones or, at the very least, food and shelter. But a talented […]

15 Unusual Animal Friendships That Will Melt Your Heart


What does your best friend look like? Perhaps you count your dog or cat among your best friends. Animals are big hearted creatures that make the most loyal friends. Not only do animals get along with us 2-legged humans, but they have a knack for getting along with just about anyone, or rather any species. They say […]

This Husky Raised By Cats Acts Like A Cat


There are few breeds as diverse as cats and dogs. Stereotypically, dogs are openhearted, loving and non-judgmental. Cats are harsh, critical, and don’t you dare pet them without first seeking permission. Cats also like to be left alone while dogs can’t get enough attention—and it doesn’t matter from whom, they just have to have it! […]

A Blind Dog That Just Got His Sight Back Sees His Family For The First Time. The Reaction Is Amazing.


Duffy, an adorable Irish terrier, comes bursting into the room. First, he heads straight towards his human mother, before making his rounds to each and every family member around the veterinary room. Duffy’s excitement is uncapped. In fact he can’t even stop squealing as he goes around, greeting everyone individually over and over. Sure, he’s […]