18 Things You Should Never Do Abroad… You’ve Been Warned

If you’re wondering why some of these rules apply here are more detailed descriptions:

France: It’s rude to ask about money pretty much anywhere, but especially in France.
New Zealand: Honking is an insult of one’s driving ability taken rather seriously.
Japan: The Japanese take pride in providing the very best service sans tips.
Norway: Many locals don’t attend church and consider related questioning rude.
UK: Asking someone how much they earn can make them feel uncomfortable no matter where you are.
Germany: Local superstitions believe if you are congratulated prematurely for a birthday you might not live to see the actual date.
Chile: Eating with your hands is considered rude and manners matter here.
USA: Tips are a must; they are what service-based workers rely on to pay the bills.
Hungary: Clinking glasses is an old habit, but one that is largely avoided in Hungary, especially in regards to beer.
Ukraine: In Ukraine and most Slavic countries people bring an even number of flowers to the cemetery.