How To Easily Make Edible Stackable LEGO Gummy Candy


LEGOs are legendary but this DIY hack makes them better than ever before. We can all thank YouTube superstar Grant Thompson and his DIY channel “King Of Random.” Many of his genius ideas have taken the Internet by storm but this stackable edible LEGO candy just might be my favorite yet. You can make your […]

This Kitten Was Expected To Die Until She Met A Husky Named Lilo


Rosie the kitten didn’t have much chance for survival when she was first found on the brink of death. The tiny little kitty was only 3-year-weeks old, motherless and extremely weak. A Husky named Lilo changed all of that after her owners rescued the little kitten. Lilothehusky writes on Instagram, “She almost did not make […]

Stunning Skeleton Flower Becomes Translucent When It Rains


Imagine if you turned transparent the moment water touched your skin, wouldn’t that be a cool superpower? The Skeleton Flower is fully equipped with this awesome capability. In fact, whenever it rains the Skeleton Flower’s blossoms become completely clear. Just goes to show nature is full of the most magical surprises! The white woodland blossom […]

Wiener Dogs Take The Bone For Best Minion Costumes Ever!

weiner dog minions

Crusoe the celebrity dachshund wins the award for best minion costume ever in his latest YouTube hit sensation. Crusoe has taken the world by ‘aw’ many times, and his newest video featuring him dressed as a Minion just might be among the cutest things he’s done to date. Crusoe originally became famous after his win […]