World’s Most Glorious Spots to Watch a Sunset

lofoten norway sunset

Photo Credit: Flickr: Maria_Globetrotter If you love watching the sun go down in a beautiful location, you may want to consider visiting some of the world’s most glorious spots to watch a sunset, including Lofoten, Norway, pictured above. This amazing sunset took place in Reine during the very few hours of night that occur during […]

Stunning Fairytale Architecture of Norway You’ll Want to See in Real Life


Photo Credit:, tnarik  When most people envision Norway, they picture breathtaking landscapes like deep coastal fjords, soaring mountains and glaciers, but the country is also home to some magnificent fairytale architecture, including Borgund Stave Church and this barn in Valldal, pictured above. The stave church can be found in the village of Borgund, and […]

Jet-Setting Pets To Get Their Own Luxury Airport Terminal

terminal pets

Photo Credit: WRAL TV/Facebook Jet-setting pets at JFK Airport in New York can look forward to a new luxury terminal that will handle the more than 70,000 animals flying in and out every year. Known as “The Ark,” high-flying canines and even stallions will get to relax, perhaps grab some Starbucks and wander around Hudson […]

Spectacular Images That Prove Our World is Still a Beautiful Place


Photo Credit: Synnatschke With negative news blasting at us left and right, it’s easy to starting thinking badly about the planet we live on, but these spectacular images surely prove that our world is still a beautiful place. Pictured above, Godafoss, or “Goðafoss,” as it’s technically called in Icelandic, is known as the “Waterfall of […]

New Zealand Cave Looks Like Starry Night Sky Thanks To Long Exposure Photos Of Glowworms


It’s a star… it’s magic… it’s glowworms! The roof of this New Zealand cave appears to be a starry night sky, but really it’s the creatures that live inside that give off the twinkling appeal of stars. The Auckland, New Zealand-based New-media artist Joseph Michael captured these stunning photos using long-exposure photography of glowworms within the […]

Images That Prove Australia is the Most Insane Place on the Planet


Photo Credit: It’s probably no surprise that Australia is the most insane place on earth. After all, the country was founded by prisoners on a continent isolated from the rest of the world for about 40 million years. No offense to Aussies as most happen to be extremely cool, if slightly offbeat. If you […]

Stunning Seaside Villages in Italy That Will Make You Want to Pack Your Bags Now


Photo Credit: From the Italian Riviera to the farthest reaches of Sicily, there are practically endless stunning seaside villages in Italy where travelers can enjoy idyllic beaches, ancient ruins, incredible cuisine and plenty of culture. If you’re looking for the best of the best when it comes to scenery, you can’t beat these, including […]