These Images Of The Milky Way Over Yellowstone Will Make Your Heart Race


The night sky is far more incredible than we often give it credit for; in fact it’s more breathtaking than the naked eye can see on its own. Kansas-based photographer David Lane spent four months taking images of the Milky Way extending over Yellowstone Park. As a result his images capture the true beauty of the Milky […]

Amazing Campsites You Have to Experience At Least Once

ruby beach camping

Photo Credit: If you like to camp, these out-of-this-world campsites are spots that should all be experienced at least once in your lifetime. Even if you don’t, taking a look at these images might just change your mind, like Ruby Beach in Olympic National Park, pictured above. Located on the southwest coast of Washington […]

Spectacular Images Reveal Why Visiting Montana is a Must

st mary lake

Photo Credit: The Treasure State is truly one of America’s most breathtaking places. If you’ve never been, these spectacular images reveal why visiting Montana is a must. Pictured above, Saint Mary Lake, located on the east side of Glacier National Park, is absolutely stunning, surrounded by massive, steeply rising mountains on three sides, with […]

This Star Wars Vehicle Wrap Transforms Old VW Camper Into R2-D2


After enjoying a Star Wars marathon with his friends, César Aguzzoli felt inspired to transform his family’s old 1992 Volkswagen Camper into R2-D2’s twin. The 26-year-old Brazilian who now lives in San Diego admits spending over 50 hours designing the vinyl wrap, not including the time it took to apply to the van. Aguzzoli was […]

Mind-Bending Sand Art Created By New Zealand Artists

beach art

Photo Credit: Constanza Nightingale Facebook, David Rendu Facebook Imagine taking a stroll along the beach and suddenly finding what looks to be a portal to another dimension. That’s what might happen if you were walking at the edge of Okains Bay in New Zealand, thanks to artist duo Constanza Nightingale and David Rendu. Together, the […]

Images That Reveal Why Colorado Really is One of America’s Happiest States

Colorado Wildflowers - Lower Blue Lake Beauty

Photo Credit: Rob Greebon Photography Colorado is renowned for its Rocky Mountain highs that draw tourists from far and wide to visit (and we’re not talking the relatively new marijuana industry, though admittedly, that plays a part too). Conducted since 2008, the Gallup-Healthways report analyzes the overall feelings of motivation, support, personal safety, physical energy, […]