The Wild Adventures Of A Man And His Dog In Majestic Nature Photos


Dogs make the very best travel companions; just ask John Stortz and his four-legged friend named Wolf. John describes himself on Instagram as, “Dude and dog bumbling around the west.” What follows is a collection of incredible photos of a man and his beautiful dog traveling all around the western United States. Two-years ago, when John […]

27 Dogs and Cats That Destroyed Christmas


The sights and sounds of the holidays are undeniably tempting for cats and dogs. Sometimes pets just can’t control themselves, not with the big tree full of shiny ornaments and the fancy dinner table set with a plump turkey on top. The funny thing is, just like kids, pets know when they have done something wrong and tend […]

26 Ice And Snow Formations That Look Like Beautiful Art


Ice causes crops to freeze over, car tires to skid out of control, and frostbite but it can also create some of the most beautiful formations that look like art. Ice requires just the right ingredients in regards to temperature, wind chill, and humidity, and even the littlest changes can cause monumental differences in the appearance […]

Epic Displays Of Aurora Borealis Over Greenland And Iceland


There are few things more magical than an epic display of aurora borealis. You suddenly feel like you have entered a dream world as the sky comes alive with color and movement. Iceland and Greenland are both known for frequent auroras that people travel near and far to witness. Joe Capra (also known as Scientifantastic) is a Los Angeles based photographer that […]

22 Animals Playing In Snow For The First Time


Snow can be a pain, shoveling it off the driveway, or layering on clothes to simply walk outside. Despite all of the adult struggles associated with snow, it’s a magical occurrence that is quite exciting to witness, especially for the very first time. I still remember the moment I saw snow for the first time. Growing […]

This 5-Year-Old Girl Snuck A Baby Cow Into Her Home To Cuddle With It


Living on a farm is always full of surprises and cuddly animal friends, just ask 5-year-old Breanna who lives on a farm with her family in Pennsylvania. The little girl is lucky enough to have her very own pet cow named Izzy, but she only wishes Izzy lived inside. One day while just hanging out around the house, […]

18 Of The Most Creative DIY Christmas Trees Ever


The Christmas tree remains a big part of winter celebrations, the smell alone brings back great memories and warm, fuzzy feelings. You can get yourself a living Christmas tree picked straight from the farm, or you can go for a fake tree that lasts after year. Either way, buying a tree is far from cheap, and unless you go with […]

Photo-Witch Captures Bewitching Images Inspired By Lithuanian Forests


Viktorija Raggana is a self described, “photographer-witch” from Lithuania. Growing up surrounded by so much natural beauty has granted her the inspiration to take some truly incredible, bewitching photographs. As a kid Raggana would explore the woods and lush meadows near her home, taking in every last detail. Raggana writes on BoredPanda, “All this natural habitat around me nurtured […]

23 Unusual Animal Friendships That Are Absolutely Adorable


Best friends don’t have to look anything alike to make a great team, just as these unusual animal friendships prove. You might have a dog and a cat that get along, but most of our readers don’t have a pet elephant for their dog to hang out with. If you did though, you just might […]

Artist Spends 10 Years Carving A Giant Cave Alone With His Dog


The American artist Ra Paulette has spent the last 10 years carving wondrous creations in the walls of a cave located in Northern New Mexico. For many years now, Paulette has walked to work into the hot desert, with only his faithful dog by his side. After much hard work, Paulette has finally allowed the public to […]