Photographer Transforms Fantasies of Children Battling Cancer Into Reality


Photo Credit: Jonathan Diaz/J.M. Diaz Photography A talented photographer transforms fantasies of children into reality to help them to better cope with cancer. Jonathan Diaz’s “Anything Can Be Project” has one mission: to bring the dreams of children to life through photography. Through public donations and corporate sponsorship, he recreates costumes and sets to bring […]

Meet These Bizarre Tree Climbing Goats Whose Poop is Turned Into Luxurious Argan Oil

tree climbing goats

Photo Credit:, You knew that goats were good climbers – they’re often seen climbing boulders and sometimes even steep cliffs, but have you ever seen one climb a tree? Well, in the southwest of Morocco, they do. These tree climbing goats haven’t just decided to enjoy a bit of mischief. And, in this […]

Super Cool New York Art Installation Lets Adults Indulge Their Inner Child

balls final

Photo Credits: @pearada Colorfly Pearlfisher  Pei Ketron Ball pits aren’t just for kids. In fact, an increasing number have been popping up, allowing adults to indulge their inner child by letting lose and just having fun. This is the latest, an interactive New York art installation put together by creative agency Pearlfisher. The massive ball pit is […]

Camping With Dogs Inspires Dog Owners to Get Outdoors With their Canines

dogs camping

Photo Credits: campingwithdogs, instagram, facebook/campwithdogs  While all animals are wonderful, dogs are especially amazing. And, dog owner Ryan Carter has a special love for man’s (and woman’s) best friend. He also loves the outdoors, which is why he decided to inspire other dog owners to get outside through Camping With Dogs. The Nashville-based canine lover […]

More Than 200 Abused Horses Finally Get to Run Free

running horses

Photo Credit: There are countless abused animals in the world, but neglect and mistreatment is not limited to the cats and dogs you see on those horribly sad television commercials that are almost too difficult to watch. Unfortunately, there are lots of other animals that need rescuing, in desperate need for some kind human […]

Widowed Dad Honors Late Wife by Recreating Photos with Their 3-Year-Old Daughter


Photo Credits: A bereaved husband found a unique way to pay tribute to his late wife by recreating photos they had taken together with their toddler daughter in her place. Rafael del Col, 35, from Maringa, Brazil, lost his wife Tatiane Valques, 27, in 2013 when she was killed in a road accident. He […]

Artist Creates Stunningly Realistic Visual Record of Landscapes Impacted by Climate Change


Photo Credit: Zaria Forman Zaris Forman creates large scale pastel drawings as a stunningly realistic visual record of the earth’s shifting landscape, and the effects of climate change. For years, the artist has been traveling to some of the world’s most environmentally endangered areas, drawing inspiration from her travels to create these spectacular works of […]

19 Most Creative Bookshelves You’ve Ever Seen


I don’t care how popular e-books and kindles are, I will always prefer to read a real book. There’s just something about the smell of a real book, the feeling the cover photo evokes, as well as the texture of each page, which is always just slightly different. This book-lover prefers the real thing, and as […]