Most Beautiful Must-See Destinations in Ireland

slea head

Photo Credit: Bryan Hanna Ireland is home to some of the world’s most idyllic scenes, including these beautiful must-see destinations like the one pictured above at Coumeenole Beach on the tip of the Dingle Peninsula at Slea Head. The entire peninsula is filled with picture-postcard scenery, including azure-hued waters that surround lush, emerald green hills and golden […]

Restaurants You Might Want to Dine At Just For the Amazing Views

santorini view

Photo Credit: Some restaurants offer such amazing views the food is practically an after thought, though these fine dining establishments offer the best of both worlds, like Lycabettus in Santorini, Greece, pictured above, set high above the caldera clinging to the side of a steep cliff. The restaurant’s terrace is situated on a dramatic […]

Most Spectacular Views of Earth From Above

aerial view tulips

Photo Credit: These breathtaking photos show a slightly different perspective of our planet’s landscapes, with spectacular views of earth from above, providing a glimpse as to what a bird might see while soaring over the land below. Pictured above, tulips are lovely to look at up close, but their real beauty emerges when you […]

World’s Most Stunning Volcanoes

Aogashima Volcano, Japan

Photo Credit: Volcanoes can be frighteningly dangerous, but they can also be stunningly beautiful. These images capture the beauty of some of the world’s most stunning volcanoes, including Aogashima Volcano in Japan, a small, tropical volcanic island in the Philippine Sea. It is still considered an active volcano though it last erupted in the […]

Prepare to Be Mesmerized By the World’s Most Awe-Inspiring Trees

Japanese Maple

Photo Credit: Tom Schwabel via Trees are some of the world’s greatest living things. They not only turn carbon dioxide into the oxygen we breathe and provide shelter and shade for countless creatures, they’re wonderful to gaze at. Some of the world’s most awe-inspiring trees, like this Japanese Maple in Portland, Oregon, pictured above, […]

24 More Creative Cakes That Are Too Sweet To Eat!


In the past we have shared some of the most creative cakes, but wait… there’s more! Talented bakers from all over the world continue to create new edible masterpieces all of the time, and we just can’t help but share the latest cakes they’re dishing up. Baking isn’t only a culinary talent, but it is also […]