20 Perfect Pics To Warm Every Perfectionist’s Heart


Symmetry helps make the world go round. Humans and animals are drawn to symmetry. In fact, organisms that appear “more symmetrical” are more likely to find a mate than their unsymmetrical peers. Science has long speculated that symmetry is a natural way we use to identify health. Symmetry doesn’t just impact facial features or animal […]

These 23 Pictures Explain How To Be A Cat


As a kid I used to be envious of my cats. They got to stay home and lounge around all day while I had to go to school. Now, as an adult, I am still jealous of my cats who do nothing but snooze, eat and play while I have to work, cook, clean, etc. […]

10 Pawsome Benefits Of Having Cats


Cats are cool and they know it, hence the whole ‘cattitude’. Regardless, cats have every reason to be self-obsessed because they make our lives so much better. Cats are actually a lot less work than dogs, you don’t have to have a big yard or go home in the middle of your workday to let […]

21 Of The Oldest Cats Adopted By The Kindest People


Adopting any animal is a rewarding and fulfilling experience that will bring so much joy to you and your new animal. Unfortunately for old cats, many people come to shelters looking to adopt a young cat or kitten. That means that the oldest cats are the first to be euthanized at kill shelters. If only […]

Cats Wearing Kimonos Is A Thing In Japan


Is it just me or are Japanese pet-owners always up to something new and cool? The latest and greatest cat-themed trend in Japan just might be the most adorably pawsome yet. In Japan, cats wearing kimonos is the new ‘it-thing’ and all the cool cats are doing it. In Japan, both kimonos and cats are […]

7 of America’s Most Stunning Road Trips

seward highway

Photo Credit: akphotograph.com Taking any one of these stunning road trips will remind you why “America the Beautiful” was written. If you’re up for a remote adventure, pictured above, the Seward Highway in Alaska is a 127-mile stretch of road between Anchorage and Seward that winds through the spectacular Alaskan wilderness offering dramatic views of […]

The World’s Most Mesmerizing Abandoned Places

El Hotel del Salto 2

Photo Credit: Panaramio.com Photo Credit: moco-choco.com It seems almost hard to believe that magnificent structures like these can become neglected and completely forgotten, though with nature reclaiming them, these abandoned places have also created some of the most awe-inspiring scenes on the planet. The once luxurious Hotel del Salto, pictured above, opened in 1928 to […]