Top 13 World’s Strangest Buildings


Are you growing bored of your city’s regular grey, linear buildings? Then you should definitely check out these astounding architectural creations. And, even if the place you live has some astounding architecture of its own, you can still enjoy this list of 13 very strange buildings.         1. Waldspirale (Darmstadt, Germany) The […]

5 Incredible Gardens That Will Blow Your Mind


Few places are more relaxing than a garden, whether it’s simple, extensive, elegant, or filled with so many flowers you can’t count them all. There’s something incredibly relaxing about strolling through nature and enjoying the delights that man has created. Not all gardens are created equally however and while some may captivate you for but […]

These 10 Photos Were Taken At The Border Of Various Countries


Every country – besides those that are island countries – borders another. Some of these borders may be commonplace, but others can be very beautiful, interesting, or just plain strange. Here’s a collection of photographs of 10 fascinating borders from around the world, made astounding by both natural and man-made features. 1. Argentina, Paraguay, and […]

8 Amazing Castles You Won’t Believe Are Real


Around the world and spread across every country stand countless castles, each of them as unique as they are beautiful. While some stand small and unassuming, others can only be considered a work of art. Millions of people visit castles each year, soaking up their history, culture, decadence, and beauty while struggling to believe that […]

6 Breathtaking Natural Wonders


Across the world there are countless natural wonders, the vast majority of them utterly breathtaking. Some of them are truly majestic and awe-inspiring while others are subtly beautiful and awaken a sense of curiosity inside of us. While most natural wonders can now be explained, there are still some which baffle scientists and the method […]

7 Breathtaking Natural Cloud Formations


Throughout the entirety of documented history clouds have fascinated us. There’s just something about their majestic yet often foreboding appearance that captivates people around the world. Yet despite clouds appearing in our skies daily there are some incredible cloud formations that only a select few of us will ever be lucky enough to see – […]