11 High-Res Photos Of Hummingbirds That Will Leave You Breathless


As a child hummingbirds used to frequent my backyard, I remember going outside to watch them, mystified by their quick fluttering wings and gorgeous colors. Turns out, hummingbirds are truly the cutest birds in the world–and that’s according to science! Hummingbirds flap their wings up to 50 times a second–if you have ever seen one up […]

23 Times Pedestrians Messed With Statues…And It Was Downright Hilarious


Statues are monuments, attributed to someone or something important. Due to their significance (and often times high cost) people treat statues like precious cargo. This means the comedy behind statues is often missed because we are so busy looking at them in a serious light. Sometimes just the right person walks on by, and an idea […]

15 Of The Most Beautiful Crater Lakes Around The World


Crater lakes appear majestic, unique, and mysterious. A few different things can cause the formation of a crater lake including, a meteorite or human-cashed explosion. More commonly, lake craters are due to volcanic activity. After a crater is formed, rain, run-off, groundwater circulation, or melted ice fills in the crater with water, creating a crater lake. Crater lakes […]

You’ll Never Look at the Night Sky in the Same Way


In 1994 a power outage caused all of Los Angeles to fall into darkness, prompting many residents to call the local authorities to report strange lights in the sky. Instead of alien space ships, the “strange lights” turned out to be the regular-old night sky. Without the obnoxiously bright lights in the way, the sky looked entirely […]

30 Magical Photos of Children Playing Around The World


When you are a child all that you want to do is grow up. Despite the fact every grown up you meet tells you how lucky you are to be a kid, and how they would love to go back to their own childhood, if only for a day. Being a child is a majestic […]

25 Of The Most Creative Sculptures And Statues From Around The World


Every city that you visit has its own unique sculptures and statues, but some really make you look twice—and then some. The most unique and amazing sculptures known to capture the eyes of all who pass can be found tucked along secret streets and broadcasted in popular city squares. There are many sculptures and statues […]

22 Adorable Before And After Pictures Of Animals Growing Up


Pets are family members, as they grow and age you fall more in love with them. Each day you get to learn more about your pet’s unique personality–what makes them tick, what can they NOT be trusted with, and their favorite way to cuddle. Just like people, animals age and grow, turning into grown ups with the […]

How Our World Would Look If You Were A Bird


While you can travel the world and see a myriad of spectacular sights, it can sometimes prove challenging to view a place from anywhere but on the ground. Yet, by viewing locations from above, familiar scenes you’ve seen countless times in photographs (or in person) can be put in a brand new light. Some places […]

21 Pieces of Street Art That Cleverly Interact With Their Surroundings


  While some graffiti may be meant to be destructive and disrupt the environment, others can’t be described as anything but works of art. You can find many beautiful murals all around the world that look like they could be hanging in art galleries. However, what makes the following photos so special is that these […]

31 Haunting Images Of Abandoned Places That Will Give You Goose Bumps


The world is full of wondrous things, some consistently packed with gawking tourist and others almost entirely abandoned. Here’s a selection of some of those fascinating empty spaces, ghost towns that are rich with history and the stories of the people that used to occupy them. While most continue to rust and crumble in their […]