5 of the World’s Creepiest Tourist Attractions

creepy dolls

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons If you’re the type of person who enjoys creepy, or perhaps even horrifying sights, you might want to consider paying a visit to the world’s creepiest tourist attractions, like the Island of the Dolls. This tiny island in Mexico is home to countless dolls that hang from the trees, melting and […]

10 Cool Lifeguard Stations Around America

No Lifeguard On Duty Photo Credit- Martin Williams

Let’s have a look at some of America’s cool lifeguard stations. Some are multi-colored and funky while some are monotoned and simple. The photographers have done a nice job of capturing each of these lifeguard stations against the stunning backdrop of sea or ocean. Some are so cool that you might be tempted to convert […]

22 Surprised Animals Freaking Out About What’s Happening


Sometimes you see something that makes your jaw drop in surprise, clearly the same thing happens to animals too. There are many ways to surprise your furry friends, like walking in on your dog when he’s in the middle of devouring the trash, or your favorite pair of shoes. You could also try bringing home […]

RIP Conversation: 21 Images Show How Smartphones Are Taking Over Your Life


Your smartphone gives you instant access to friends, family, photos, social media, work, and the latest breaking news… basically smartphones are taking over. Simply picking up your cell phone and seeing alerts for new ‘likes’ on Facebook, or a message from your best friend sparks a chemical reward in the brain. This chemical reaction is what makes […]

29 Unbelievable Locations That Look Like They’re Located On Another Planet


The world is full of wondrous places, some of which resemble sights you would only expect to find on a distant planet. If you’re dreaming of traveling somewhere uniquely different you don’t have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to venture into outer space. Some of the most unbelievable locations are located much more conveniently, […]