12 Sydney Walks That Will Blow Your Mind

South Head Walk

If you plan to travel to Sydney, Australia anytime soon you are going to want to embark on at least a few of these spellbinding Sydney walks. Sydney has so much to offer in terms of sun, sand, ocean waves, famous landmarks and picturesque mountainsides. The variety is unlimited and the beauty found throughout the […]

18 Funny Dogs That Live For Car Rides


There is no doubting how much dogs love a good car ride. Going in the car means a trip somewhere fun like a park, dog beach or farmer’s market. It’s not just the destination; the ride itself is more than half of the excitement for most dogs. As soon as you roll down the window […]

20 Mini Horses You Don’t Want Your Kids To See


Horses are dangerous, not because they are prone to hurting people but because they are incredibly expensive. If your child sees any one of these mini horses they are going to want one, and while a miniature horse is cheaper to feed and easier to care for than a full size horse or pony, they […]

15 Castles In Wales That Look Like They Belong In A Fairytale


If you love castles you will love traveling to Wales. After all, Wales is home to over 600 castles. Many of these castles are incredibly old and full of history, including barbaric wars, strange family affairs and so much more. Despite everything these castle walls have witnessed, somehow they remain magically preserved to this day. […]

20 Animals With Butterflies Look Like Disney In Real Life


Some people prefer to pretend they live in a Disney-based world, myself included. I argue that we don’t live so far off from the magical castles and fairytale kingdoms that dominate Disney’s greatest tales. After all, we have good and evil people, plants that consistently bloom out of dirt with the most beautiful scents and […]

27 Badass Bunnies That Will Destroy Your House With No Regrets


Bunnies are cute, sweet and cuddly but don’t mistake their adorable furry little bodies as innocent. Bunny rabbits are just as capable of taking down your home as any hyperactive puppy or mischievous kitten with claws. The badass bunnies on this list prove when it comes to bad behavior they know how to do it best. These […]