17 Funniest Menu Translation Errors Ever


Every restaurant has a unique menu made with the intentions of tempting you into ordering more food, spending more money and all the while enjoying every second of it. Globalization has caused cultures from all over the world to share a love for many different cuisines. As a result, many menus include translations to help […]

Photographer Brings Japan’s Rich Culture to Those Who Can’t Get There

japan final

Photo Credit: Takashi Yasui If you’ve always dreamed of experiencing Japan’s rich culture, but haven’t been able to journey all the way there, Japanese photographer Takashi Yasui can, in essence, bring it to you through his vibrant photos. The artist transports viewers to a variety of locations across its stunning landscapes that are flooded by […]

Stunning Sculpture At Burning Man Festival Shows The Inner Child Trapped Inside Every Adult Body


Burning Man Festival takes place every year in the middle of Nevada’s unforgiving Black Rock desert. Thousands of people come from near and far to enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime experience. Every year the festival displays many stunning works of art, but perhaps one of the most awe-inspiring from this year’s festival was the sculpture of two adult […]

Mysteriously Beautiful ‘End Of Times’ Cloud In Costa Rica Spotted Last Week


You can only imagine the shock people felt when they saw this stunning and mysterious cloud looming over Costa Rica last week. The incredible scene was spotted on Tuesday afternoon in a number of cities including San Jose, Pavas, Escazu, Parrita and Hatillo. Incredibly, the cloud appeared in the sky on the country’s Independence Day. […]

Photographer Shows The Truth Behind Instagram Photos

truth behind Instagram photos

Research has found that simply looking at Facebook and Instagram too often can actually cause people to experience depression because it looks like everyone else is having more fun. If you’ve ever looked through your Instagram feed and suddenly felt like your life is a little lackluster, don’t let it get to you. Most of the […]

13 Nature-Inspired Tattoos That Flow Like Veins

nature-inspired tattoos

Some tattoos are good, some bad, and others as divine as nature. Sanne Vaghi has a talent for creating stunning nature-inspired tattoos that literally flow like veins across the human body. Vaghi is from the Netherlands where he studied Fine Arts and graduated in 2008. In 2011, Vaghi packed up his things and moved to […]