6 of the Cutest Houses on Earth


Across every country and continent in the world there are countless unique houses. Some of them stand out for their size, others their location, some their beauty and some their grandeur, among other reasons. One thing many houses don’t stand out for however is their cuteness  which is why we’re proud to bring you this […]

Organic Farming in the Deserts of Wadi Rum


When traveling through the desert you expect to see sand, sand, and well, more sand! But if you happen to be going down the long desert roads in Wadi Rum, Jordan you will suddenly witness a break in the monotonous desert. Rows and rows of what appear to be bright green crop circles dominate the […]

World’s first wingsuit BASE jumping dog


What did you do in 2013? Whisper, a 4-year-old Australian cattle dog, spent the year flying around Switzerland. Whisper is the first dog in the world to ever experience base jumping in a wingsuit. According to Whisper’s owner, Dean Potter, the dog is always down for an adventure. She has spent plenty of long days […]

The Fantastic Forever Sinking Boat by Julien Berthier


If you see a boat with its tail up towards the clouds, and its nose apparently diving beneath the water, your first reaction is to panic—Help! Someone! That boat is sinking! But let’s say you happen to look on board and you notice the captain seems calm and carless, even enjoying his view 45 degrees […]

Jacob’s Well, Texas’ Most Dangerous Diving Spot


The largest underwater cave in Texas has been known to swallow people whole, it has also provided a nearly non-stop source of water for thousands of years. Jacob’s Well is an amazing sight to see, as the water from deep within the well pools out into a natural spring that runs off into Cypress Creek. […]