Stunning Wild Fox Photography By Roeselien Raimond


A talented Dutch nature photographer, Roeselien Raimond, takes stunning photos of several types of creatures and wildlife. However, her photos of wild foxes are particularly fantastic, Raimond managing to capture the many personalities and behaviors of the beautiful animals. All of Raimond’s fox photographs are captured in the wild, leading to amazing shots of the […]

30 Magical Photos of Children Playing Around The World


When you are a child all that you want to do is grow up. Despite the fact every grown up you meet tells you how lucky you are to be a kid, and how they would love to go back to their own childhood, if only for a day. Being a child is a majestic […]

This Man Lives In A Boeing 727 In The Middle Of The Woods


What may look a plane stranded in the middle of the woods is actually a home for one very inventive man. Bruce Campbell, a former electrical engineer, bought a retired Boeing 727 aircraft fuselage and transformed it into a living space. He claims that he didn’t want the aircraft to go to waste, stating, “Retirement […]

21 Places to Take a Nap Straight Out Of Your Fantasies


When is the last time you slept out under the stars, waking up to the warmth of the rising sun on your face? As humans we build houses, close windows, and crank up the air conditioning. But we are a part of nature, and enjoying the outdoors is good for the soul.  In order to […]

21 Pieces of Street Art That Cleverly Interact With Their Surroundings


  While some graffiti may be meant to be destructive and disrupt the environment, others can’t be described as anything but works of art. You can find many beautiful murals all around the world that look like they could be hanging in art galleries. However, what makes the following photos so special is that these […]

Lost Egyptian City Found After 1,200 Years


The ancient Egyptian city of Heracleion was once a legend, something known to modern man only by myth and ancient historians. So when its ruins were discovered by French underwater archaeologist Franck Goddio in 2000, no one was expecting to find it. However, despite all odds, they stumbled upon the decrepit but magnificent underwater city […]

20 Of The Best Cities To See Street Art

New York City, U.S.A.

Graffiti often gets a bad reputation but when conducted by truly skilled artists it can transform a city into a better place. Graffiti and street art are not always legal, still, legal or not, people flock to see good street art.  Street art is known to increase tourist population. It also tells a story about […]

Hundreds of Umbrellas Once Again Float Above The Streets in Portugal


Imagine yourself walking down the streets of Portugal, coffee in one hand, and shopping bag in the other. As you make your way down the blazing hot street, you silently wish for shade. Then, suddenly out of nowhere, your wish is granted. Above your head floats an array of brightly colored umbrellas, each one a […]