100 Homeless People In London Were Given Cameras. The Results Have Enchanted The World


What happens when you give out 100 cameras to homeless people? You get a whole bunch of incredible and mesmerizing photos from all different perspectives, as well as a massive social movement. The UK-based initiative Cafe Art handed out 100 Fujifilm disposable cameras to London’s homeless as a part of their mission to promote self-expression […]

Artist Floats An Impressive 100,000 Balloons Inside London’s Covent Garden Market


Just last week, London’s 19th century Covent Garden Market was transformed into what looks like a scene from the movie Up! We can thank French artist Charles Pétillon for the epic art installation called “heartbeat”. Pétillon worked with 25 assistants over a period of five days to fill the Convent Garden with a whopping 100,000 giant white […]

21 Inspirational Women That Changed The World We Call Home


Just a few days ago, on August 26th, we celebrated Women’s Equality Day. The date is significant because it marks the day the 19th Amendment was added to the United States Constitution, granting women the right to vote. The amendment was passed by congress in 1919, and ratified in 1920, but it took many years […]

Paris to Go Car-Free For One Day in September

paris car free

Photo Credit: parissansvoiture.fr, creativelydifferentblinds.com The French capital will go car-free on Sunday, September 27, which means locals and visitors will be able to enjoy Paris minus all of its typical motorized traffic, giving the city over to bicyclists and pedestrians. Completely free of traffic congestion, noise pollution and vehicle emissions, the Day Without Cars is […]

Artist Suffering From Anxiety Draws Mental Illnesses As Real Monsters

real monsters

Anxiety, body dysmorphic disorder and depression are just a few of the most common mental illnesses humans suffer from. UK-based artist Toby Allen is using his artwork to shed light on these illnesses in hopes of making them more manageable. Allen illustrates mental illnesses as monsters, each complete with a short guide describing what these […]