The Golden Age Of Skate Culture: 1970’s Skateboarding In California


Let’s go back in time to California during the 1970’s, a time known as the golden age of skate culture, a time that left its mark on America’s cultural identity forever. Photographer Hugh Holland captured the spirit of skate culture in California during the 1970’s. All of his inspiring work is documented in his beautiful […]

Crying Candles Cry Scented Tears When You Burn Them

crying candles

Have you ever looked at a burning candle and thought it looked as if it were crying wax tears? These awesome, creative crying candles are full of carefully crafted emotion whenever you burn them. It works like this: as the candle burns the holders are made just so that the scented candles inside melt through […]

This Incredible Bridge Turns Into a Tunnel Connecting Denmark and Sweden

bridge tunnel

Photo Credit: The Oresund Bridge While it may look rather ominous, the Oresund is a true engineering marvel. This amazing bridge turns into a tunnel connecting Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmo, Sweden, though it looks as if it abruptly ends well before reaching dry land. The cable-stayed bridge runs nearly five miles to an artificial island […]

Relieve Your Stress & Virtually Travel The World With This Map Stress Ball That Zooms In Wherever You Squeeze It


Stress balls and old-fashioned globe maps come together as one in this awesome invention by Hungary-based design student Dénes Sátor. Sátor created the egg-shaped map stress ball with many details of Budapest’s streets, all one has to do is squeeze the stress ball to make the tiny details zoom in with striking clarity, offering a […]

Are These Bizarre Photos Proof Of Life On Mars?


To most people, the photos taken on Mars by the Curiosity rover appear to look like endless red landscape filled with nothing more than rocks. Yet, there are more than a few imaginative people out there that have decided the photos released by NASA are in fact signs of life on Mars. It’s been going […]

What This Tattoo Artist Does for Domestic Violence Survivors is Absolutely Amazing

tattoo artist scars

Photo Credit: Flavia Carvalho – Daedra Art & Tattoo/Facebook Domestic violence not only leaves haunting memories, but also permanent marks. While surgery may help in recovery, scars can be inevitable and often never fully go away. That’s what Brazilian tattoo artist Flavia Carvalho hopes to help with, in her work with domestic violence survivors. Carvalho’s […]