Gleeful Grizzly Bear Rolling Down a Hill Like a Kid Captured on Video


Photo Credit: Mathieu Belanger/Reuters via, David Pangborn/YouTube A video of a grizzly bear rolling down a hill like a kid in Alaska’s Denali National Park is going viral after YouTube user David Pangborn from Duluth, Minnesota, uploaded it on Sunday. In the minute-and-a-half clip, the bear starts walking normally on four legs and then […]

First Wolf Pack in Nearly a Century Spotted in California

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Photo Credit: Getty Images via Q13 Fox A gray wolf pack has established itself in Northern California, state wildlife officials confirmed last week – the first family of wolves known in the state in nearly 100 years. The state’s very last known wolf, until now, was killed in 1924. The group, which consists of two […]

Famous Signing Gorilla May Soon Be Using Human-Like Speech

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Photo Credit: Dr. Ronald H. Cohn/Gorilla Foundation via The Telegraph, Koko, the world famous signing gorilla, known for her ability to communicate via sign language, is also showing signs of early speech. The 44-year-old primate is said to have developed vocal and breathing behaviors associated with the ability to talk, which were previously thought […]

Baby Giant Pandas Make Adorable Public Debut

baby pandas

Photo Credit: imaginechina A cuddly caboodle of baby giant pandas made their first public appearance at a breeding center in Ya’an, Sichuan province of China his past Friday! The 10 panda cubs were all born at the center earlier this year and range in age from one week to two months. Lucky visitors who were […]