This Is What A ‘Pool Pawty’ At A Dog Daycare Center Looks Like


Who let the dogs out? It looks like these dogs sure know how to have a good time and throw one heck of a puppy pool pawty! Doggy daycares come in all shapes, sizes, and types, although this ‘cool’ spot for dogs might be one of the neatest places your dog can spend his or her days. Lucky […]

16 Before-and-After Photos Of Rescued Dogs


There is nothing more gratifying than rescuing a dog. Breeders and pet stores have plenty of happy and healthy puppies ready to go home with you, but there are so many other dogs out there that need a home too. Dogs are the most loyal creatures on the planet, but they are often let down […]

25 Awesome Furniture Design Ideas For Cat Lovers


Cats are incredible creatures full of curiosity. If you get them a new toy they are sure to play with it, lounge on it, and maybe even fall in love with it. Some furniture design ideas allow you to add style to your home while also gifting a little extra special space to your kitty […]

The Mysterious Lives Of Cats Captured In Black And White Photography


If you have a pet cat you can attest to just how odd and strange cats truly are. One moment they are purring, smiling, rubbing up against you, and the next they launch out and attack. Cats are funny creatures, and while they are known for being ‘independent’ some cats are actually incredibly needy. They want food, […]

This Couple Took An Amazing Newborn Photoshoot…With Their Dog


We are a culture obsessed with dogs. An overwhelming number of dog owners buy organic dog food, include dogs in family photos, and even dress their dogs in cute little outfits. Dogs are 4-legged children, and to prove it Jamie Clauss decided to have a newborn baby photo shoot with her pet dog, Snuggles, and husband Chase. […]

These 25 Animals Will Teach You How To Do Yoga


If you are guilty of swearing off the yoga trend, animals everywhere want you to know–there’s nothing to run from, in fact it’s really very fun. Yoga feels great, it tones, strengthens and lengthens your muscles, and there are few better ways to get all of the cracks out of your back without the help […]

If It Fits, I Sits: These 21 Cats Prove That No Space Is Too Tight


Most cats have a very obstinate determination to fit into tight spaces. However, some of the following felines are in a league of their own, cramming themselves into hilariously small spots. It doesn’t matter how tiny the spaces are, if they can manage to squeeze themselves into a spot, you can be sure that they’ll take […]

2 Months Later, This Toddler Is Still Napping With His Puppy


These pictures of an adorable snoozing pair are sure to melt your heart. Mommy and blogger Jessica Shyba has captured numerous aw-worthy moments of her son, Beau, and their family puppy, Theo, cuddling up together as they take their daily nap. Both continue to grow bigger each and every day, but they don’t seem to […]