New Playful Underwater Puppy Photo Shot By Seth Casteel


Dogs that love to play in the pool truly love nothing more! They will dive in over and over, enjoying the splash of the water, and the thrill of chasing their ball through the self-made waves. Seth Casteel is a popular photographer, best known for his underwater photo series that shows off dogs in action underwater. […]

26 Dogs Hugging Their Humans


Nothing compares to a big warm hug from your dog. After a long day your dog can cheer you up like no one else, even when you don’t want to talk to any friends or loved ones, your dog is a source of companionship you crave. Dogs don’t judge or hold grudges, they simply love with […]

Big Bears Teaching Their Teddies How To Bear


Bears make excellent mothers, they give their all to their little cubs. Mama bears sacrifice so much during the process, including a great deal of their weight, as they give most of their calories to their baby through milk. When cubs are born they weigh less than one pound, have hardly any fur, and are so […]

20 Vivid Hummingbird Close-Ups Reveal Their Incredibly Beauty


Hummingbirds are fast little creatures, flying here, there and everywhere. Although many of the hummingbirds you see have different color patterns, you might assume they are all a part of the same family. Think again. There are nearly as many different types of hummingbirds as there are days of the year! Already, we have been able to […]

This Footage Is Proof That The Ocean Is A Terrifying Place. OMG.


My mind thinks of sharks the moment I wade 2-feet out into ocean waters. But now, after seeing what this fish is capable of doing, I know there are bigger things lurking in the ocean to worry about. Creatures so large they can take down a shark in one swift open-mouth motion. Meet the giant Grouper fish, a fish […]

Here Are 20 Irrefutable Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats. And people.


You love your dog more than anything else, and how could you not? Dogs show so much loyalty, love and affection, plus they are really smart and always able to make you laugh–no matter what! I love cats and people as well, but there is something extra special about dogs. Dogs literally have superpowers; they can […]

Incredibly Realistic Baby Animal Toys By Lee Cross


Is that a real baby panda or a stuffed animal? Wood Splitter Lee, also known by her real name as Lee Cross, knows how to make some of the most realistic baby animals you have ever seen. She creates her masterpieces in Alaska, but her artwork is coveted by people from all over the world. You […]

Meet Maru, The Smiliest Dog In Japan


Why are canines so dog-gone happy?! Dogs are naturally happy creatures, they have great personalities full of hope and wonder about the world. Of course some dogs tend to be more positive than others, I’ve met a few four-legged complainers, but overall all dogs are WAY more happy-go-lucky than humans. Science doesn’t know what exactly goes in […]

25 Perfectly Timed Dog Pictures


With iPhone cameras attached to our hands at all times, the world is taking more photos than ever. In proof, check out sites like Instagram and Facebook where billions of photos are shared each year. Speaking of social media, people upload and share photos of their pets all of the time. If you have dogs you know just how many […]