20 Cats With Their Adorable Mini-Me Kittens


Last week we shared some adorable dogs with their mini-me puppies, and now we present to you adorable cats with their mini-me kittens. Dogs are known for being big-hearted and loving, but cats make great parents too. Despite their ‘evil’ reputation, cats are very sweet and protective towards their little ones. These photos also prove […]

Real Life ‘Vampire’ Cat Looks Truly Evil, But Is She?


Photo Credit: Instagram loki_kitteh Meet Loki, an adopted feline who truly looks like a real life Vampire cat, but of course, she’s really just a fluffy lynx point Siamese that her new human companion Kaet absolutely fell in love with at the shelter. This rather evil looking feline has been making the rounds across the […]

Perfect Imperfection: Photographer Documents The Rare Beauty Of Animals With Disabilities


Dogs, cats, birds and humans, no matter your species chances are you are not perfect. It’s what makes you imperfect that makes you special. One talented Australian animal photographer is proving just that with his latest photo series called Perfect Imperfection. Alex Cearns of Houndstooth Studio is focusing his camera lens on animals with disabilities […]