15 Illustrated Truths About Cats You Can’t Deny


My cats get away with everything. In my defense there’s practically no way to effectively discipline cats since they couldn’t care less. Just watch the popular television show My Cat From Hell and you will quickly learn that the way to make your devilish cat behave is to analyze their behavior and then change everything […]

Meet the Blue-Footed Booby, He’s Sure to Make You Smile

booby bird

Photo Credit: imgur.com/smoqslr Just the name Blue-Footed Booby is enough to make you smile, but if you take a look at this bird with the silly appearance, you almost can’t help but laugh. The world is filled with unique, interesting and adorable animals, and this guy is definitely one of them. In fact, the Blue-footed […]

Bear Hangs Out in Vancouver BC Couple’s Hot Tub

bear hot tub

Photo Credit: Facebook/CTV Vancouver via NewsMax A bear hanging out in a hot tub? It might sound like fiction, but a full-grown black bear surprised a North Vancouver, British Columbia couple when they caught in relaxing in the warm waters. The bear splashed down in their pool as well a the hot tub – and […]

“Missing Cat” Found Near His Missing Cat Poster


A missing cat poster is a sad sight, whenever I see one I worry greatly for the safety of the advertised animal. Thankfully, some cat owners get a happy ending when their missing cat returns home, just like the person who originally posted this ‘Missing Cat’ poster to the front of their house. As it […]

Unusual Looking Pup Proves Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder, Finds Perfect Forever Home

unusual pup

Photo Credit: Jackie MacMillan HSSV via The Dodo Animals that are disfigured generally have a much harder time getting adopted. After all, even those super cute faces can find it challenging to find their forever home. Fortunately for an unusual looking pup known as Lisa, the ten-week-old managed to buck the odds by getting especially […]