What You Need Right Meow: Cat Jenga Officially Known As ‘Cat Pile’


Jenga is super fun and all, but wouldn’t it be better if the pieces were made to resemble your favorite animal? Good news… this sweet sounding invention already exists! You can thank the game developer Comma for cat Jenga, officially known as Cat Pile.

The game is sort of like a reverse version of Jenga, instead of taking the tower of blocks down you are trying to make the tallest tower without knocking over the entire cat pile. The coolest part is how many different ways you can attach the cats, which are formed into different positions resembling real-life felines.

The neat invention is offered for sale in sets of 6 pieces, so you may have to buy more than one set to get as crazy as a cat, but making the investment ensures you have the most unique game on the block.

You can purchase Cat Pile in different shades of wood, such as teak and maple, regardless what you choose you can’t go wrong–mix and match sets for added fun! Cat Pile is available for sale on Pinkoi and Amazon.

cat-jenga-game-comma-18Photo Credit: if it’s hip it’s here

cat-jenga-game-comma-14Photo Credit: pea chen

cat-jenga-game-comma-7Photo Credit: Cat Pile by Comma

cat-jenga-game-comma-17Photo Credit: if it’s hip it’s here

cat-jenga-game-comma-12Photo Credit: pea chen

cat-jenga-game-comma-26Photo Credit: Cat Pile by Comma

You can purchase Cat Pile on Amazon or Pinkoi.com!

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