If This House Doesn’t Look Like Much To You, Wait Til You Go Inside


Andrew and Gabriella Morrison finally had it with the stress of day-to-day life. They felt life slipping away from them as they spent their time worrying about paying the never-ending bills each month. Everyone can relate, but what are you really able to do about it? The Morrison’s had a way out. They decided to […]

Real Video Footage: Woman Dances With 17-Foot Tiger Sharks


Would you swim with a school of tiger sharks without any protection? Hannah Fraser did. Some might consider her fearless, others might call her crazy, but really she is just extremely dedicated to helping rescue sharks. Hannah is on a mission to prove sharks are not the monsters mainstream media paints them to be. Especially […]

4 Incredible Swarms That Are A Wonder to Behold


All too often we think of a swarm of something bad, perhaps even as some type of omen. While it’s true that a swarm of locusts was once foretold as one of the nine plagues of Egypt and even today they’re still considered a somewhat scary pest, it’s not true that all swarms of animals […]

10 Of The Wildest Tree House Locations


Let’s face it, living in a tree house is a dream most of us have when we’re kids. And sometimes, those kids grow up without forgetting about their dreams. This world is big with many amazing places to build your dream tree house Here are 10 of the Wildest Tree House Locations Argentina: When it […]

A Blind Dog That Just Got His Sight Back Sees His Family For The First Time. The Reaction Is Amazing.


Duffy, an adorable Irish terrier, comes bursting into the room. First, he heads straight towards his human mother, before making his rounds to each and every family member around the veterinary room. Duffy’s excitement is uncapped. In fact he can’t even stop squealing as he goes around, greeting everyone individually over and over. Sure, he’s […]

The Most Psychedelic Salt Mine You’ll Ever See


In Russia, near the border of Europe and Asia, are salt caves with amazing psychedelic-looking patterns on their walls. Colors are shaped into mind-bending designs that cover the surfaces, leaving visitors in awe of their beauty. After venturing into the caves himself, 29 year old photographer Mikhail Mishainik captured several astounding shots of the caves’ […]

6 of the Worlds Most Majestic Rivers


Around the world there are thousands of rivers. While some of them only small and run out after only a few miles, some of them are so large they run across several countries and continents on a scale that’s difficult to comprehend. All rivers are beautiful in one way or another, be it for the […]

5 Mind-Blowing Underwater Sights


Even today the world’s oceans hold a vast array of secrets. Despite our technologies being more advanced than ever, only a small portion of them have ever been explored, making us ask the question ‘what else is hidden beneath?’. That said, what explorers have discovered is nothing short of wondrous and these 5 incredible underwater […]