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Stunning One Continuous Line Tattoos By Iranian-German Artist Mo Ganji


Mo Ganji masterfully creates one continuous line tattoos that are unlike anything else. The Iran-born and Berlin-based artist says it’s easier to “add and add” than to work with limited tools and create something basic. As a result of his ideologies his tattoos appear simplistic but are actually full of complexities—kind of like life in […]

19 Amazing Studio Ghibli Tattoos Inspired By Miyazaki Films


Just like Disney’s childhood classics are a favorite among many, Studio Ghibli’s incredible animated movies are a beloved staple of life in Japan and all across the globe. In fact, 8 of the Japanese animation films made by Studio Ghibli are among the 15 highest-grossing anime films ever made in Japan. If you’re a big […]

13 Nature-Inspired Tattoos That Flow Like Veins

nature-inspired tattoos

Some tattoos are good, some bad, and others as divine as nature. Sanne Vaghi has a talent for creating stunning nature-inspired tattoos that literally flow like veins across the human body. Vaghi is from the Netherlands where he studied Fine Arts and graduated in 2008. In 2011, Vaghi packed up his things and moved to […]

21 Discreet Tattoos For Cat Lovers

cat tattoos

Cats are incredible animals, hence why anyone who’s ever owned one goes cat-crazy. It’s not just the modern world that’s obsessed with cats; felines have played an important role throughout history too. For instance, in ancient Egypt cats were often mummified and depicted as art. Today, cats are taking over households everywhere. Heck, there are […]

Amazing Cross-Stitch Tattoos By Turkish Artist Eva Krbdk


What do you think of when you hear the term ‘cross-stitching’? You might imagine grannies on the sofa with knitting needles in hand, or a fun kit at a craft store for kids. But after seeing these awesome cross-stitch tattoos you are sure to think of the classic past time in a completely different light. […]

Geometric Tattoos By Dr. Woo Who’s Been Giving Tattoos Since He Was 13


Brian Woo, aka Dr. Woo, creates some seriously awesome geometric tattoos. The die-hard ink fanatic has been experimenting with tattoos since he was 13-years-old. He recalls how he and his friend would play around with “stick-and-poking” their legs after school. He said, “I think that the idea of doing something so permanent without thinking about […]

18 Cosmic Tattoos For Astronomy Lovers


Outer space is a mystical place that fills our minds with wonders and dreams, inspiration and hope. The solar system and galaxies beyond hold deep meaning for people, hence why so many people get cosmic tattoos. Astronomy lovers come in all shapes and sizes, genders, and personality types, but the one thing they all have in common is adoration […]

22 Wild 3D Tattoos That Will Twist Your Mind


Each year, around $1.65 billion dollars is spent on tattoos, and around one in five Americans has at least one tattoo. Hearts, initials, skulls, and angels are just a few of the basic tattoos people commonly get. Others opt for more unique designs, some even going for the full 3D effect. Tattoos are an art form, and when it comes […]

What This Tattoo Artist Does for Domestic Violence Survivors is Absolutely Amazing

tattoo artist scars

Photo Credit: Flavia Carvalho – Daedra Art & Tattoo/Facebook Domestic violence not only leaves haunting memories, but also permanent marks. While surgery may help in recovery, scars can be inevitable and often never fully go away. That’s what Brazilian tattoo artist Flavia Carvalho hopes to help with, in her work with domestic violence survivors. Carvalho’s […]