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Mysterious Photos Of Unexplainably ‘Crooked Forest’ In Poland


Sometimes the strangest sights are found in nature. In this case, 400 pine trees in the northwest of Poland appear to be almost normal, but they are not. If you look at the base of these trees, you might feel like you’ve just entered a strange mystical fairy tale. All of the trees have the […]

Amazing Images of Norway Fjords from the Unique Perspective of a Kayaker


Photo Credit: Tomasz Furmanek Adventure photographer Tomasz Furmanek captures some of the world’s most spectacular natural beauty in the world, right from his kayak. The Poland-born photographer has shot gorgeous images from the Lofoten Islands to the especially tranquil Sotra, and for the past three years, he’s been snapping amazing images of Norway fjords and […]

Super Sweet Animal Ceramics Handmade By Polish Artist


Handmade ceramics make my heart pound, and these super cute animal ceramics are some of my favorites. Each delicate creation is made by Warsaw, Poland-based artist Marta Turowska. Her whimsical bowls, saltshakers, platters and plates are functional and feature the most adorable animals on the planet including cats, whales, hedgehogs, unicorns and more. She makes […]

Werewolf Muzzle For Walking Your Dog In The Woods

werewolf muzzle

You never have to be afraid to walk your dog at night again thanks to this menacing werewolf muzzle. No matter how little or overly friendly your pup may be, no dog looks tame wearing this scary muzzle. The Russian-designed dog muzzle is made to allow your dog to still slightly open his or her […]

Strange Shaped Buildings So Bizarre It’s Hard to Believe They Exist


Photo Credit: Ali Erturk via Engineers and architects are becoming increasingly bold with their designs, taking their creativity to levels once though impossible. These strange shaped buildings, like Dancing House in Prague, Czech Republic, pictured above, are some of the most unusual. Dancing House is sometimes referred to as “Drunk House” due to its […]